The Interfaith Broadcasting Commission is a nonprofit cooperative venture of America’s faith communities – a broad coalition ranging from Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians to Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Baha'i organizations among others — in partnership with the ABC, CBS and NBC television networks and their affiliated stations in every part of the nation.

The IBC distributes high-quality one-hour documentaries that offer a faith-based perspective four to six times a year on ABC and NBC - bringing to the broadcast industry and the general public thoughtful, original content that heightens the awareness of and appreciation for the many ways that religious faith plays a positive role in American life.

Given our national reach, the IBC encourages filmmakers exploring faith-based subject matter to submit their films for consideration on our yearly slate.

If you have produced a faith-based documentary (social justice initiative seen through the lens of faith; precepts of a faith; biography of a faith leader, etc.) that is primarily in the English language but lack a distribution network, contact us about how your film could be included in the next season’s line-up.

With so many wonderful documentaries never seeing the light of day and the festival circuit essentially serving as de facto distribution, it's a rare achievement for filmmakers to showcase their work before a nationwide audience on broadcast TV. The IBC however offers such a unique and terrific opportunity. We hope you'll take advantage of it!

Additionally, at the conclusion of the documentary's broadcast, filmmakers will be afforded a title card in the credits where they can provide a phone number for viewers who would like to purchase a copy of their film.

Please note: should the IBC choose your documentary to air on network affiliates across the country, there is an administrative fee of $5,000. This is necessary to cover the costs of IBC's limited staff and the work they perform in bringing your film to air. There are also additional costs associated with airing on broadcast television (i.e. E&O insurance, closed captioning, etc.).

Films will be primarily in the English language and air in a 57-minute or one-hour time slot. Filmmakers should expect to conform their documentary to the exact running time requested. PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT IF YOUR FILM HAS A FAITH-BASED PERSPECTIVE. We accept submissions focusing on any or multiple religions. Also, the IBC is only accepting films that have not aired previously on television or is scheduled to air soon.

Overall Rating
  • Katsey Long

    IBC has done a great job of getting our film on national television which has been exposure all over the USA. They did a great job of walking us through the process of what we needed to do to prepare our film for television production and were available to offer advice and suggestions of anything we needed along the way. I enjoyed working with Debra and hope that someday we can do it all again.

    November 2018