INTE CINEMA FESTIVAL is a cultural association aiming at creating a shared space for independent cinema in Rome. The making of a film festival represents an opportunity to build an actual meeting place for innovative filmmakers and an interested audience. During the 1st and 2nd editions of INTE CINEMA FESTIVAL we selected and screened short films from different countries. The response of the audience has shown a real interest in such an intimate and direct way of showcasing original works, that would not have reached Italy otherwise.

The value of our festival is to give young directors a free opportunity to show their work to a real audience, getting out of the web. All the participants are selected in a wide range of award-winning short movies; therefore the competitiveness of the festival is as high as possible.

The atmosphere at Inte is very intimate, and filmmakers attending the event have the time and space to talk, listen to the audience comments and relate to each other. It is a very valuable initiative for the growth and the career of directors, filmmakers, producers and workers of the industry.

The best shorts of the three categories will be awarded.

Best Fiction Short Film - Trophy + $1000
Best Documentary Short Film - Trophy + $1000
Best Animation Short Film - Trophy + $1000

The Inte Cinema Festival awards consist of a trophy, certificates for runner-ups and a cash prices. All the awards are attributed to the directors.

1- All films will be scrutinized by the artistic direction of the festival. Chosen films will be presented and screened during the festival's soirees. The jury will determine the winners of the category in the competition. The categories are fiction, animation and documentary. The theme and duration of the films is free. The decision of the jury is incontestable.

2- The films must have been produced after January 2021. Copies submitted for the pre-selection can be presented in any language, with mandatory Italian or English subtitles. If the work does not require any subtitles, these will not be requested.

3- It is possible to submit more than one movie per director. The artistic direction will choose only one film per director.

4- If the film is officially selected, a copy of the work will be requested in .mov (H264 or AppleProRes or DCP) formats. In case the files are too heavy to transfer make sure to contact us by mail to arrange other solutions. Selected films cannot be taken out from the competition for any reason once authors have confirmed permission to be part of the Festival.

5- Selected films will be screened with Italian or English subtitles.

6- The selection committee will decide the section in which the film will be programmed. The festival is responsible for the selection of the films that compose the entire program.

7- Immediately after being confirmed the selection, you should send by email:
• Three photos from the film in a digital format.
• Final Synopsis for the program.
• Previous Festivals and Awards.

8- Films cannot contain commercial advertisement

9- The Direction of the Festival, according to the rules established as far as copyrights are concerned, assumes that the works received are free of any right property or any right belonging to a third party. As partakers of the contests, the authors guarantee the Organization of the Festival from any legal action which might be undertaken against it by legal claimants. The artistic directors and the organizational staff are not to be considered responsible in case of dispute. The authors are liable for the contents of their work and of the diffusion by their means of non-original copyrighted music and/or images.

10- The Inte Cinema Festival awards consist of a trophy, certificates and cash prices. All the awards are attributed to the directors.

11- After the film has been selected, the festival may use a fragment of the film for promotion of the festival on tv, radio, internet, as well as the publicity material of the film (press kit, posters, postcards, etc.) for promotion purposes also.

12- All entries of films made to Inte Cinema Festival presuppose knowledge of and acceptance of these regulations.

13- The festival board will decide upon all matters that are not covered by these regulations in accordance with the international rules of film festivals.