With a new Outdoor Theater being built for 2018, the Inland Empire Film Festival highlights explorations of Regional/LOCAL film makers. Every Indigenous People's Day Eve, Southern California artists and other Regionally connected film makers gather to share their work in an intimate, informal, pressure FREE luxury housing complex Holiday short film marketing desert retreat in Rancho Cucamonga, California’s Solamonte Theaters USA

Starting this year (in addition to its short film screenings) the Inland Empire Film Festival (IEFF) will also begin screening five (5) IEFF judge selected Top Music Video award finalist (www.ietmv.com).

So come spend a FREE fall desert Holiday weekend with IEFF sharing works, hanging out at the pool, etc. You might meet your next regional collaborator!

Awards & Prizes

2018 IE TOP MUSIC VIDEO AWARD FINALIST SELECTION CRITERIA FAVORS: World Premieres and Music Videos (MV) That Have Never Before Won An Award.

Every COMPLETE 2018 MV submission will become an Award Semi-Finalist. Plus its LOCAL Resident will receive a formal invitation in the mail encouraging that artist to attend this year’s Inland Empire Film Festival (IEFF) on Indigenous People's Holiday Eve, October 7, 2018.

A different 2018 IEFF Judge selected IE Top Music Video Finalist will screen to open each 2018 Indigenous People’s Day Eve activity session. MV Finalists will be announced October 4, 2018 on the InlandEmpireFilmFestival.com website, by press release, via InlandEmpireFilmFestival.biz 2016 & 2017 attending list emails and by 2018 IE Top Music Video Finalist telephone message.

With no attendee allowed to vote for their own work, each audience member will create their own criteria in selecting the year’s IE Top Music Video trophy winner.
Annually, each IEFF publically screened film will be awarded a certificate of participation delivered only at the IE Holiday Eve Awards Show.

As well, professional entertainment industry judges will select in advance the year's Top Movie in three (3) categories: Short, Mini Short & Micro Short. Winning films will be offered streaming distribution on our Inland Empire Films channel. Also, winning production companies will each be offered a submission waiver and special consideration for a single subsequent year IEFF qualified film submission. Further, only at the IE Holiday Eve Awards Show, framed winner certificates will be awarded to Top Movies.

Each audience member will create their own criteria in selecting the year’s IEFF Short Film GRAND PRIZE winner. Annual audience ballots will select a single IEFF publically screened short film that will be awarded a framed certificate at the IE Holiday Eve Awards Show. That winning film will be offered streaming distribution on our Inland Empire Films channel. Also, the GRAND PRIZE winning production company will be offered a single yearly submission waiver and special consideration for its films that qualify during subsequent years of IEFF participation. Additionally, the winning Short’s Executive Producer will later be mailed an engraved medallion commemorating the Short’s GRAND PRIZE selection. In identifying the GRAND PRIZE winner, neither of the two Leader attendees will be allowed to vote for their own Film.

In order for a short film to reach final qualification to win Top Movie honors and/or the GRAND PRIZE, its Inland Empire LOCAL Leader must be present at the IE Holiday Eve Awards Show.

Rules & Terms

NOTE: The FilmFreeway submission COVER LETTER button becomes available only after the submission is placed in the Cart. Checking to see if your platform has a FilmFreeway COVER LETTER is the first method we use to test a submission’s COMPETITION.

NOTE: All Top Music Video competition Rules & Terms are found in its Category tab

SUBMISSION CRITERIA for 10-7-18 3rd Year Festival
The submission fee in force during the month that the submission is COMPLETED must be paid in order for a submission to be considered for Semi-Finalist selection. Credit will be given for the amount initially paid through FilmFreeway. The remaining submission amount will be due in the mail by check or money order, paid to the order of Walker Entertainer Academy. This additional payment must arrive in WEA offices prior to the COMPLETED submission being considered for selection.

Inland Empire LOCAL Resident Rule #1
At least one (1) Leader who lives, works or has shot in California's Inland Empire must attend at least their film’s total Inland Empire Film Festival (IEFF) screening block plus the 2018 IE Holiday Eve Awards Show, in order for their film to be screened. (Leaders who supply proof of having personally attended ANY film festival that is physically located in the Inland Empire, qualify as IEFF LOCAL Leaders). A production's Leader is the film's Producer, Screen Writer, Production Director, Director of Photography, Editor and/or Key Cast Member). All submissions must include in its FilmFreeway COVER LETTER that LOCAL Resident’s name(s) plus Inland Empire home or office street address. Submissions may be disqualified if this street address is not supplied in the COVER LETTER.

2. At least one additional Leader of the submitting film's production team must also attend their film’s total IEFF screening block in order for their film to screen. All submissions must also include in its Film Freeway COVER LETTER that additional Leader's name(s) plus home or office street address. Submissions may be disqualified if this street address is not supplied in the COVER LETTER.

3. PRIOR to submitting, already published must be the applicant's short film www.IMDb.com entry with poster. Additionally, prior to submission, the movie's under thirty (30) second Commercial must already be published publicly on www.YouTube.com. Submitters are required to supply in their COVER LETTER the IMDb and YouTube addresses (URLs) for their film's Industry Credits and Commercial. Submissions may be disqualified if these IMDb & YouTube addresses are not supplied in the COVER LETTER. Submitters may request assistance creating their Film’s IMDb Industry crediting entry, as well as advice on editing the Film’s 30 second Commercial.

4. The highest quality digital copy available of the applicant's completed under fifteen (15) minute film must be emailed ONLY through www.WeTransfer.com in order for a film to receive Semi-Finalist selection status. Submissions may become disqualified if IEFF has not received, vie WeTransfer, the submitted film by July 31, 2018.

5. Starting with the film’s submission date, until October 9, 2018, the submitted short film must be available to the public ONLY through screening at another live, limited number of dates film festival and/or through a code protected www.Vimeo.com online video post. Exceptions to the IEFF public accessibility rule will be made on a case-by-case basis. Please email to us your reason for needing to be such an exception.

Selection priority will be given to submission platforms that deliver their film screener vie a code protected Vimeo link. If submitter cannot afford to secure a paid Vimeo account for at least a year, then submitter can request that their film be uploaded to Vimeo through the Entertainer Academy Vimeo account.

Each Officially Selected IEFF film will have devoted to it a separate, unique screening block followed by a five (5) minute marketing discussion of the film. That live discussion must include at least the film’s two (2) attending Leaders. This allows after film viewing discussions to be much fresher and on point, since no one attending has to struggle to remember each work's content.

For 2018, as many as fifteen (15) short films will be screened at the public live event on Indigenous People’s Holiday Eve in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This year we expect that ALL COMPLETED Initial FREE submissions will become Semi-Finalist.