IndieLisboa focuses on bringing independent cinema closer to the audiences, showing films that do not reach the regular distribution circuit. The festival screens mostly films (features and shorts) in competitions of both young and renown directors. The festival is also a platform to premiere and release new films, thus an important ally for Portuguese distributors. The festival fosters cultural and linguistic diversity by diversifying its geographical scope.

The festival aims to draw the spotlight to worldwide productions and also to the discovery of Portuguese recent films (some even works in progress) through its competitions and industry-oriented activities. The festival has also focused, for this reason, in successfully expanding its industry core. In 2020 we expect to reach an audience in screenings of around 40.000 people and an overall audience of 50.000 people, once again confirming IndieLisboa as the most well attended film event in Portugal.

The activities that go beyond regular screenings - workshops, masterclasses, debates, a scriptwriting lab, a film fund, a pitching forum, screenings of works in progress for industry guests, networking events, etc. - will continue to expand in 2020, consistently supporting our mission of film literacy and promotion of independent cinema. Like in 2019 we expect a growth in industry attendees (programmers, directors, producers, distributors, sales agents, film critics, etc.), actively contributing to the dynamics of the European film exhibition and distribution network.

Feature Film Grand Prize City of Lisbon
(15.000 Euros)

TVCine & Séries Channels Special Award
(Rights acquisition for Portugal)

Short Film Grand Prize
(4000 Euros)

Awards: Best Animation, Best Documentary, Best Fiction
(500 Euros each)

Allianz Award for Best Portuguese Feature Film
(7500 Euros)

Best Director in a Portuguese Feature Film
(1000 Euros)

Award for Best Portuguese Short Film
(2000 Euros)

New Talent Award
(1500 Euros)

Brand New Award
(2000 Euros in services/promotion and sales)

Silvestre Award for Best Feature Film
(1500 Euros)

Silvestre Award for Best Short Film
(1000 Euros)

IndieMusic Award
(1000 Euros)

Amnesty International Award
(1500 euros)

Audience Feature Film Award
(2000 Euros)

Audience Short Film Award
(1000 Euros)

IndieJunior Audience Award
(500 Euros)

Article 1
IndieLisboa intends to stimulate the public exhibition of films that are neither distributed nor exhibited within Portugal’s traditional circuits. The festival gives preference to national premieres.

Article 2
The 16th IndieLisboa will be held from April 30th to May 10th, 2020.

Article 3
1. The following official sections accept submissions:
International Competition – the International Competition for short and feature films is composed of films that have never been publicly exhibited in Portugal and which were completed in 2019 or 2020. First, second or third works, fiction, animation, documentaries and experimental films may apply to this section. The festival is particularly keen to promote the work of new directors;
National Competition – composed of Portuguese feature and short films finished in 2019 or 2020, preferably a world and/or national premiere;
Silvestre – competitive section with films only bound by their uniqueness. The films in this section are not afraid to follow unexpected paths, refuse impositions or seek alternative routes.
Brand New – this competitive section shows upcoming Portuguese talents;
IndieJunior – a competition programmed for younger audiences: shorts and features, comprising animations and live-action films (fictions and documentaries);
IndieMusic – a competitive section comprising films – mainly documentaries – focusing on music and its protagonists;
Director’s Cut – a program of recently restored titles, rediscoveries and films which reflect on cinema itself, its artistic dimensions and history;
Mouth of Madness – composed of films that festively march along the cliff regardless any fear, this section presents works that defy traditional conventions;
Special Screenings – a survey of essential works in independent contemporary cinema by established filmmakers, thematic programs and film previews.
2. IndieLisboa also presents a retrospective section, Independent Hero/Heroine, dedicated to those who go beyond the mainstream in filmmaking and help to open new and unconventional paths for cinema.

Article 4
(How to apply)
1. To apply to IndieLisboa’s International Competition, films must fulfill all the following criteria:
– Fiction, animation, documentary or experimental short (up to 59 minutes) or feature films (from 60 minutes);
– First, second or third works by their director(s);
– Completed in either 2019 or 2020;
– First public presentation in Portugal.
2. Regarding other sections of the festival:
– Fiction, animation, documentary and experimental short and feature films;
– Films produced in 2019 and 2020;
– Portuguese premieres are preferred.
3. The festival may, in exceptional circumstances, decide to select films that do not fulfil one or more of these criteria. Such selection is at the discretion of the festival organizers.

Article 5
1. Submitted films must have a screener subtitled in English (except for English spoken films).
2. Selected films must have a screening copy subtitled in English (except for English spoken films), except films selected for IndieJunior - which will need an exhibition copy without subtitles.
3. The festival will provide for a Portuguese translation and electronic subtitling.
4. Portuguese films spoken in other languages must send a formatted Portuguese dialogue list.

Article 6
(Juries and awards)
1. IndieLisboa official juries are:
a) Feature Film International Competition Jury, composed of renowned personalities from the world of cinema, at least one of whom will be Portuguese. The Jury is responsible for assigning the following award: Feature Film Grand Prize and Special Jury Award.
b) Short Film International Competition Jury, composed of renowned personalities from the world of cinema, at least one of whom will be Portuguese. The Jury will be responsible for assigning the following awards: Short Film Grand Prize, Best Animation, Best Documentary and Best Fiction.
c) National Competition Jury, composed of renowned personalities from the world of cinema, responsible for assigning the following awards: Best Portuguese Feature Film, Best Director in a Portuguese Feature Film, Best Portuguese Short Film and New Talent in Short Film.
d) Brand New Jury, composed of renowned personalities from the world of cinema and responsible for assigning the Brand New award.
e) Silvestre Jury, composed of renowned personalities from the world of cinema, responsible for assigning the following awards: Silvestre Award for Best Feature Film, Silvestre Award for Best Short Film.
f) IndieMusic Jury, composed of renowned personalities from the world of cinema and music, responsible for assigning the IndieMusiccAward to a film in the respective section.
2. IndieLisboa non-official juries are: Amnesty International, Árvore da Vida, Schools, Universities, and Audience.
3. Juries will be able to assign honorable mentions when deemed necessary.
4. Individuals directly connected with the production, exhibition or distribution of films presented in the various competitive sections may not sit in the respective jury.
5. The payment of the awards will be made according to bank details given in the prize certificate, and IndieLisboa is not responsible for any information provided incorrectly. Additional bank charges resulting from this operation will be covered by the awardee.
6. Payment of awards can be made up to 180 days after the end of the festival and after the reception of the certificate duly completed and signed.

Article 7
1. Submissions must be completed online via or no later than January 12th 2020.
2. The online screener and password (requested in the form) should be valid until March 31st 2020. If the film is selected, please note that we will need to download the file for press/internal use.
3. If relevant, please indicate if the submission is a work in progress.
4. If the film is selected you should send to, immediately after the communication of the selection, the following elements:
-dialogue list
-film stills and director's photo
-credits/artistic info
-exhibition authorization
-trailer and EPK (electronic press kit);
Until March 31st 2020 you should send to IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Casa do Cinema, Rua da Rosa, 2º– 1200-385 Lisboa, Portugal the following elements:
-screening copy with English subtitles (on the requested format), except films selected for IndieJunior (which will need an exhibition copy without subtitles).
-technical info of the screening copy
-posters, postcards and other promotion materials.

Article 8
(Submission fee)
1. In order to complete the submission, please make the payment according to the deadline:
early bird July 1st to September 30th
short films 7€ / $8
feature films 20€ / $23
October 1st to December 22nd
short films 10€ / $12
feature films 30€ / $34
extended deadline December 23rd to January 12th
short films 14€ / $17
feature films 40€ / $45

2. Portuguese films (shorts and features) shall be exempt from payment. To this effect you should fill the specific form.
3. Entry fees are per film.

Article 9
1. The official selection will be announced one month prior to the festival. After the communication of the selection and until after its exhibition at the festival, the selected films must not be publicly exhibited in Portugal.
2. After accepting the selection in any section of IndieLisboa, the film in case cannot be withdrawn.
3. Unsuccessful submissions will be notified at least one month prior to the festival.

Article 10
(Retention of films)
All films screened during the festival must remain at the festival during its complete duration, and will be returned only after the festival is over, or in some cases, when authorized, until one month after the festival.

Article 11
1. The shipping costs of materials submitted to the festival for selection purposes must be paid by the person/organization submitting the film.
2. Transportation costs (round-trip) for films which are selected for the program – as well as the insurance relating to them – are the festival’s responsibility, except when the film is being shipped to another festival. In such cases, IndieLisboa will pay only for the coming of the film (in accordance with standard practice at international film festivals).

Article 12
Insurance for all films is the entire responsibility of the festival, from their reception by the festival until their return.

Article 13
The producer (and/or the owner of the exhibition rights of the film in film festivals) of films that have won awards during the festival must mention IndieLisboa and its logo in all publicity and press/promotion materials produced immediately after the awarding of the prize to the film.

Article 14
If the film is awarded, it can integrate a festival extension within four months of the event. If you do not authorize the film to integrate the extension, you must send an email to: until March 31st, 2019.

Article 15
Participation in the festival implies acceptance of all the aforementioned regulations.

Article 16
(General disclaimer)
Decisions of the festival’s direction are final. IndieLisboa’s directors will be responsible for any decisions regarding issues not covered by the above regulations, in accordance with the international rules of film festivals.