We’re in the middle of an indie boom.
Creators all over the world are making groundbreaking work on their own terms. The challenge is finding and keeping viewers. IndieBOOM is a new platform designed to attract and engage audiences by turning viewing into a game. IndieBOOM is an international, independent media platform devoted to the best original short-form content from all over the world. Films, series, media and more (including trailers!) compete with one another for views, and every view is a vote. The content with the most time viewed in each category wins laurels, and a cash award of $500 goes to the video with the MOST time viewed overall: our Grand Prize Winner.

IndieBOOM is designed for creators.
Created by the team at the award winning Art of Brooklyn Film Festival (aobff.org), IndieBOOM is for everyone everywhere. Whether you're a professional filmmaker with a short you want to expand into a feature, a content creator generating new media to build your brand, or an indie artist making exciting genre or fan tribute works, IndieBOOM is for you.

All entries are watched by a panel of industry pros. Then, each Official Selections gets its own page complete with social sharing tools and links to make promotion to your network — and beyond — easy and fun. A run on IndieBOOM works seamlessly alongside crowdfunding campaigns on other platforms, and can direct attention to creator websites and channels... all while building large, enthusiastic fanbases for you and your work.

Audiences choose the winners by watching our selections (which are all 100% free to stream.) We keep track of time viewed, and the most-viewed film in each category (Comedy, Sci-Fi, Doc, Fan Film, etc) wins laurels. (Refreshing a web page over and over won't help you win.)

*** The Selection with the most views overall wins our Fan Favorite Award— and a $500 CASH PRIZE! ***

What's eligible for IndieBOOM?
Films, videos, and trailers in all genres, from any year. Content can already be available online. As long as it runs no longer than 40 minutes, and you made it yourself, it's eligible.

There are NO restrictions on completion date or online status.

Where can you watch IndieBOOM?
We stream online and on our free Roku and Fire TV apps, and can also be watched on Apple TV via the Vimeo app.

After the competition, films are welcome to stay on our site for as long as they want. And all our winners will stream on Roku and Fire TV for a full year.

• Every Official Selection will receive IndieBOOM! Official Selection laurels

• Each Selection with the most total time streamed in its category will receive Laurels (Winning Comedy, Winning Drama, Winning Documentary, etc.) and a digital certificate.

• Our panel of Judges will award Jury Prize laurels and a digital certificate to their outstanding Selection of the Festival.

• Our Fan Favorite Selection (most overall views of the Festival) will receive laurels, a digital certificate and a CASH PRIZE of $500!

• All our Winners will stream on our free Roku and Fire TV channels for a full year.

• All Official Selections of IndieBOOM have the option of remaining on our website and Vimeo channel for as long as they like. After the festival, we will remove any video upon request of its creator.

• IndieBOOM accepts entries of 40 minutes or less in length. Trailers to all upcoming/unfinished work are welcome!

• Narrative films must be in English or have English subtitles.

• Multiple episodes of a web series may be combined and entered as one film, as long as the total length of the video does not exceed 40 minutes.

• You must have ownership rights and/or written permission to submit your Film to IndieBOOM.

• If your work is selected, you allow IndieBOOM (aka IB) the rights to make it available and viewable through mobile applications and desktop applications on computers, mobile devices, tablets, connected televisions, and other media and technology (collectively, “Streaming Services”) including our website and our Vimeo, Roku and Fire TV channels.

• Filmmaker agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless IB and its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from and any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) (collectively, “Losses”) incurred as a result of any claim, judgment or proceeding relating to or arising out of: (a) Filmmaker's breach of this Agreement, including of any of the warranties or representations; (b) any adversarial action whereby IB is alleged to have infringed or secondarily infringed on the copyright, trademark, copyright, right of publicity, or other proprietary right of another party in connection with the Film whether or not Filmmaker was aware of the potentially infringement and whether or not the Film is actually infringing.

• In connection with this promotion, Filmmaker grants to IB the right to use photographs, film clips, stills, artwork, and the names and likeliness of Filmmaker and the actors appearing in the Film.

• The term of this agreement shall be for the duration of the IndieBOOM Festival.

Overall Rating
  • This film festival was held online due to the pandemic, but the organizer made it a memorable experience by putting much effort to showcase and promote the films and by making the festival very accessible for viewers. I'm thankful to have been part of it with my film and to have won an award!

    January 2021
  • Alejandro Fanzago

    Great festival to promote projects through their social networks and sites.

    January 2021
  • Beatriz Mediavilla

    Very nice online festival with clear communication and super great plateform. Nice event to watch in these times... Dynamic and accurate.

    January 2021
  • Amy Lynssia

    Amazing and good organization. Congratulations

    January 2021
  • Regine Mont-Louis

    Indie Boom! is a great festival!! (excuse all the exclamation points!!!) Communication was open, clear and prompt. Very much artist oriented and easy to navigate. A HUGE THANK YOU for nomination and featuring my short "30 Days". Recommend, do it!

    January 2021