Screenwriting is difficult, but I love it and I'm in it for the duration.
My passion for movies began as a filmmaker on a shoestring budget. I did pre and post production and wrote the scripts that I filmed. Sometimes, I would only have one crew member. I won many awards during that time; however, I had a family, went to college, held a full time job and something had to give.
I started a metals distribution company that went from zero sales to $100 million dollars over twenty-five years. The company was sold in 2007. You know what happened in 2008. It was dumb luck.
I never lost my love of movies and decided to write screenplays at the end of 2021. During 2022, I finished four features and three short scripts.
My first, written with Ed Learner, was When Pigs Fly. The script taught me how things work in the industry, although I still have so much to learn. The script did garner many awards, but not in the major competitions.
My second feature was The Red Zone. The script follows a superhuman football player who discovers his strength is due to an advanced cloning procedure. It also has won many awards. As all screenwriters know, a finished draft is never finished. I recently revised the script based on comments I received from festivals and script services.
Following The Red Zone, I wrote two other screenplays, Richard Spong, an uncompromising character study, and sandstorm, a family trying to survive during climate change. Both scripts are being evaluated by script services before I finish the revised "finished" drafts and begin circulating them.
Currently, I am writing a horror screenplay that is based on a local legend with a twist.
Hopefully, my scripts will appeal to representation. At that point, I will focus on agents/managers/producers when I feel the screenplays are ready, which should be in the near future.
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Screenwriting is difficult, but I love it and I'm in it for the duration.
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