BEFORE COVID19 : AFTER COVID19 are two entirely different worlds.

Covid19 crisis is not merely a pandemic challenge. We, the human race is going through a humanitarian revolution. Some argue that such changes in human behavior happened thrice in the past, first when ‘fire’ was discovered, second when ‘agriculture’ became the future source of food and third was ‘industrialization’.
To be witnessing such an event during our lifetime is a reason enough to thank our stars, after all, thousands of years of evolution and we participating in arguably one of the four game changing episodes of mankind’s evolution is huge by any standards. Our era also being the digital age of information, is icing on the cake.
Cumulatively with digital technology, Internet is a self-sufficient tool for human beings and if one uncovers means to generate fame and money through fusion of the two, it’s a win.
In present times of uncertainty and distress, making friends with digital & internet domains while adapting to sustainable innovations is the key of future business, even more so in the entertainment industry.
At the corporate level, entertainment industry is about generating wealth and monetary value, but at the creators level, it is the urge to freely express. The ensuing ‘slightly enclosed world’ opens drastic opportunities to tell small stories without the fear of being judged and without ‘burning a huge hole in our pockets’.
Isofest is a platform to showcase our individual talent on the world digital canvas. At a time when we are experiencing unnerving restrictions and confinements, the artiste in us does not die, it actually roars to break the shackles. Isofest is a dedicated domain for short films, music, music videos and photography created during enforced detachment.
The whole world is our playground.


1. Nominations in all categories will be Provided a ‘Certificate of Participation’.
2. The Winners will be awarded cash prizes as follows:
a. Best Short Film (All categories): INR 50,000.00 (Each)
b. Best Director Short Films (All Categories) INR 50,000.00 (Each)
c. Best Actor Male & Female Short Films (All Categories) INR 50,000.00 (Each)
d. For Best Production Teaser INR 50,000.00
e. Best Documentary (All categories): INR 50,000.00 (Each)
f. Best Music & Songs (All Categories): INR 50,000.00 (Each)
g. Best Music Video (All Categories): INR 50,000.00 (Each)
h. Best Still Photography (All Categories): INR 30,000.00 (Each)

Satyajit Ray Centenary International Year Awards

i. Best Feature Film INR 1,00,000.00
j. Best Short Film INR 075,000.00
k. Best Director INR 1,00,000.00
l. Best Documentary INR 050,000.00
m. Best Animation Film INR 1,00,000.00

Special Jury Award (Worldwide) all IsoFest Category INR 2,00,000.00

* Winners from India will be paid equivalent in INR.

* Winners from Rest of the World will be paid equivalent in USD.

* Prize Money will be transferred through electronic mode only.

Please make sure that all the information provided is accurate.

If you are submitting multiple films, each film must be submitted as a separate entry.

Fill the form online and provide all necessary details, or download and fill the form, scan/take photo and attach in email and send to

Please upload password protected web links of your entry on YouTube or Vimeo and share the links along with the password on the email ID provided above.

Payments can be made through Bank Transfer or through PayPal (Upload Screen shot/ Snapshot of proof of payment).


The festival is open for all productions filmed after 01.01.2020.
For ‘Satyajit Rai Centenary Year International Award’ category applicants can submit feature, documentaries or short films completed between January 2018 – August 2020.

All Applicants will have to submit proof of Nationality and Age (in case of children’s film).

All applicants must confirm ownership of rights, as well as a declaration by the rights holder waiving any objections to apply for ‘India Isofest 2020’.

All Applicants must submit ‘No Objection’ for unlimited digital screening of the productions applied herewith. Such no objection will extend to promotion of content (in whole or in part) on all available platforms/mediums. India IsoFest 2020 is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work.

Applicants to provide no objection for the organizers to use audio/video/still etc. for promotion of the festival across all available platforms. Applicants are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, royalties, release forms, clearances, and permits necessary to present their work.

Stated submitter will be considered the contact person for the film and thus will be the only one receiving emails and information regarding the status of the film’s acceptance in the festival. Please be sure you add to your accepted email list.

Entry Fee: (Early Birds 01/06/2020 to 30/06/2020)*

Rest of the World


For each Categories in Short Films

Rest of the World $ 15.00
India ₹ 1100

For each Categories in Documentaries

Rest of the World $ 15.00
India ₹ 1100

Best production teaser

Rest of the World $ 15.00
India ₹ 1100

For each Category in Music & Songs

Rest of the World $ 07.50
India ₹ 575

For each Category in Music Video

Rest of the World $ 07.50
India ₹ 575

For each Category in Still Photography

Rest of the World $ 04.00
India ₹ 300

‘Satyajit Ray Centenary Year International Award’ category Entry Fee

Rest of the World $ 25.00
India ₹ 1900

* Applications will not be accepted after 31/10/2020
* Entry Fee is non-refundable.
* Fee includes GST (as applicable)

Applicants will submit the list of equipment used in the production.

Applicants may submit more than one entry, but each must be accompanied by its own submission form and entry fee.

The durations will be as follows:
For Teaser: 60 – 90 seconds
For Short Films: 150 – 600 seconds
For Documentaries: Up to 1800 seconds
For Music & Songs: 120 – 210 seconds
For Music Videos: 90 – 180 seconds

‘Satyajit Ray Centenary Year International Award’ category the length of:-
Short Films up to 60 minutes.
Documentary Films up to 60 minutes.
Feature Films between 90 to 150 minutes.

Nominated Applicants will require to submit a 90 – 120 seconds interview clip with the principal cast & technicians.

Applicants will self-declare Films’ Classification.

Racially abusive content will not be accepted.

Content challenging the geographical integrity of any nation will not be accepted.

All productions must have English subtitles.

All Decisions made in Selections, Screenings, Awards and on the Festival – in part or in entirety by the Organizers’ Appointed “Selection Committee” will be final.

Once nominated, the entry shall not be withdrawn.

Organizers do not take responsibility of downloads by anyone once the production has been published.

All rights in perpetuity will remain with the rights holder. Organizers do not automatically become partial or complete owner of any rights.

AV Entries will be submitted by weblink/electronic transmission in mp4 format.

Audio Entries will be submitted by electronic transmission in waveform format. Song Tracks to be submitted along with lyrics in original & English language.

Still Photographs Entries will be submitted by electronic transmission in jpeg format in 2 megapixel or higher resolution.

All submitted films will be viewed and rated by an internal selection committee. This committee will select the films that will be nominated for the festival. In a second step, the Jury will determine Films for Awards.

The Festival Director reserves the right to exclude films which are not in conformity with the aims of the Festival.

Films not in sync with the required technical qualithy for good public screening can be refused after checking of the prints by the technical committee.

All films should be without any watermark or advertisement for final screening.

India IsoFest 2020 would be allowed to use all photographs and publicity materials received along with the Entry and the same will not be returned to the entrants.

All Applicants must submit the following:
Photographs of technicians and performers in all categories applied for. Resolution to be 2 megapixel or higher
A Short Synopsis
Working Stills of the Production.
Resume of technicians and performers in all categories applied for.
Weblinks of previous work by actors and technicians (optional).
Consent to engage in group discussions with fellow nominees and organizers, media, digital aggregators etc.
Availability for the Awards Event.