Indepenetration is looking for short films at the Extreme Edge Genres including Horror, Black Humor, Satire, Fantasy, Absurdist, Action, Comedy, Thrillers, Paranoid Fiction, Science Fiction, Westerns etc.

Films at the Extreme Edge will be bloody, overtly sexual, violent, contain nudity, excessive cursing, sick, twisted, Bathroom Humor, NSFW and offensive in general.

Narrative, Documentary, 360 Video/VR, Animation, Experimental/Video Art, Performance, Music Video, Web Series

The Event is hosted by a comedian who after each film makes an attempt to provide insight into the twisted mind of the filmmakers.

We will give screening time to what otherwise might not have an opportunity.

We are filming the event and will be creating a 90-minute film that will include the live comedy mixed with the films screened. This 90-minute film will be made available free of charge to independent theaters around the world giving you the opportunity to screen in multiple cities. Accepted filmmakers will be invited to host a screening of the 90-minute film in their hometowns with no screening fee.

Indepenetration began as a part of the Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival 10 years ago. We are now giving it its own platform. STIFF is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization.

Award certificates will be given in multiple categories including darkest comedy, bloodiest and most sick and twisted.