Welcome to the 5th year of the Immigration Film Fest (IFF), held in the greater Washington DC area from October to December 2018.

This year, we are again partnering with the International Cinema Series, we are joining a consortium of other organizations under the unifying theme, Films Across Borders: Stories of Women, thereby amplifying the mission of our annual film festival, bringing as many stories of and by women, immigrants and refugees as possible to Capital area audiences.

From October to December of 2018, the IFF will partner with organizations including the American University School of Communication, The Embassy of Sweden, The Mexican Cultural Institute of the Embassy of Mexico, the Goethe-Institut of Germany, the Embassy of France, the Embassy of Spain- Arts & Culture, The National Gallery of Art, the American Film Institute, and the Washington Metro Council of the AFL-CIO to bring the best narrative and documentary films on women and immigration to the Washington, DC area in 2018.

More than ever, immigration is front-page news and is one of the most critical issues confronting us globally and nationally and therefore, more than ever, we need the artists and filmmakers who are delving into this complex issue to educate and inspire citizens from all walks of life. We seek innovative films by and about women that may not be immediately recognized in more traditional venues. We provide exposure for worthy films and talented filmmakers in Washington DC, where policy discussions about immigration are held by decision-makers, international media & thought leaders and where there is a wide interest in unique, creative films.

Selected films will enjoy wide visibility through the concerted promotion of each of the organizations of the consortium, and the venues in which the films will be showcased. We aim to have discussion and Q&A to follow each screening, encouraging further engagement of the audience with the creative team and immigration experts, on the issues raised by the films. This year we will also be hosting workshops for both audience and filmmakers.

We are a volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the power of film to explore issues of migration. IFF brings new audiences to films about people who migrate seeking new lives for themselves and future generations, many escaping perils brought about from conditions outside their control.

Through the power and artistry of film, we seek to highlight the human, intimate, side of the people involved, to humanize and inform the public debate in a world of people displaced by war, extreme poverty, lack of opportunity, social injustice, arbitrary political boundaries and often dysfunctional or abusive political systems. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to be part of the Immigration Film Festival.

Submit your film now to reach new audiences!

For the 2018 festival, we will be awarding Certificates of Participation for all selected films.
Any additional awards and introductions will be announced after official selections are made.

The Immigration Film Fest (IFF) is delighted to have you submit your film for consideration to be shown in various venues in the US Capital, and the greater Washington DC area. Here are the rules and terms you agree to with your submission:

The rules and terms of this web site are incorporated into the Terms and Conditions.

Films must deal with the topic of immigration, borders, living or working in a new country, legally or undocumented. They can treat the economic, social, environmental, family, legal, political and other aspects of the topic. We seek works that recognize how deeply immigration can affect those involved. These films are ultimately creative works about people's lives, as such, comedy and imagination are greatly encouraged.

Films must be respectful and sensitive to the human needs and issues that arise. They may provide different points of view and show entrenched prejudice but films that have a hate motivation will not be selected and should not be submitted. The IFF is under no obligation to screen any of the films submitted and may reject any entry at its sole discretion.

By submitting your film to IFF, you grant the Immigration Film Festival, at no charge, the right to view, show, advertise, and make internal copies, if necessary, for the evaluation, showing and other functions of the Festival's mission and for educational purposes.

IFF may charge or accept donations for the viewing of the films at the Festival. All proceeds related to IFF’s promotion and showing of the films will be the property of IFF.

IFF will issue letters or other forms of recognition to selected films, if requested, including acknowledgement of awards and prizes that may have been won, so the filmmaker may use it for further promotion and advertisement of the film.

In 2018, the Immigration FilmFest focus is on women-centric films of immigration. Also films written, directed and produced by women are enthusiastically encouraged. The IFF will seek a cross section of various topics, nationalities, issues and other criteria in making a final selection. Thus, a very worthwhile film may not be selected. We may consider a film that is not selected for future years. We encourage you to take the IFF into account on any new or on-going projects. If your film is selected for the festival, we may show a preview of your upcoming work, if it meets with the general objectives of the IFF. Pre and post film discussions and workshops are an integral part of our programming, the availability of filmmakers and persons associated with a film during the Festival may also be a selection factor.