A film competition focusing on international independent cinema. Our aim is to support new aspiring filmmakers and to present a diverse group of artists representing multi-generational and cultural backgrounds, nationalities and personal histories.

We are committed in curating exceptional independent and global cinema.

Milan is one of the largest cities in Italy with its 1,331 million inhabitants. The capital of fashion and design. And also, it is a city where many cultural events take place every year, especially as far as cinema is concerned.

No red carpets. No elitist audiences. No distraction from the art itself.
IMINESE Independent Film Festival will provide an intimate environment for film-makers and film lovers to share the beauty of artistic expression, held in Milan's buzzing artistic area of Ortica.

Best Short Movie (laurel)
Best Cinematography (laurel)
Best Actress (laurel)
Best Actor (laurel)
Best Comedy (laurel)
Best Drama (laurel)
Best Horror (laurel)

Audience Award (laurel)

All work selected for screening will receive:
‘I.I.F.F. 2020 OFFICIAL SELECTION’ laurels.

We only accept short films. We consider short films to have the maximum duration of 15 minutes. (minimum 5 minutes)

Categories: Drama / Comedy / Horror

Proudly, we have no production year / budget / premiere status or availability restrictions for your film. We do ACCEPT films that have been made available online. Our only criteria for selection is the quality.
(Low-quality copies are accepted for selection screening, but cinema screening formats must be high-quality – HD 720p or above)

Films must be presented in their original language with English subtitles.
If selected, all films must have hard-coded English subtitles. Even the ones with dialogue in English.
(Our audience also contains speakers of other native languages, so English subtitles offer you the assurance they will understand your film, and them a better experience.)

Multiple entries are allowed.
.A complete separate submission form must be filled if submitting more than one film.


Films that are submitted are not guaranteed to be accepted into festival.
IMINESE Independent Film Festival does not pay screening fees.
Since the festival only requires a nominal entry fee, we will NOT accept requests for other entry fee waivers.

The festival team and jury’s decisions on all things are final. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the organisation/management reserve the right to change dates and location.

By submitting to this film festival, you acknowledge and give consent to the IMINESE Independent Film Festival to use images and content from your film as promotional material for the festival.

The director/producer with the submission of the film affirms that he/she has all the copyrights of audio, video, images and music of the film and he remains responsible before the law.
IMINESE Independent Film Festival does not accept liability or responsibility for any violations.

This festival is open to the public and offers a safe space for everyone. No racism, sexism, xenophobia, or any act of discrimination will be tolerated.