The Iberia Film Festival celebrates all genres of short independent films in one festival. It gives the community a chance to come together to view truly independent films from around the globe that you will not see in the commercial movie industry.

The Iberia Film Festival also spotlights local films. South Louisiana filmmakers will have an opportunity to have their film shown on the big screen with family and friends in the audience.

The Iberia Film Festival is presented by the Iberia Performing Arts League.

A panel of independent Judges will determine the category winners.
Our specially customized awards will be given in the following categories.
Best Animation Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Narrative Film
Best Horror Film
Best Local Film
Best Louisiana Film
Best Student Film
Best Mobile Media Film

Film duration: 1:00 - 20:00 minutes (including credits).

If the film is not in English, then it must have English subtitles.

Participation in IFF implies the authorization to use the entered film for Internet and TV promotion of this and future festivals

IFF will determine the date and time when submissions will be shown and while every effort will be made to follow screening times as printed in the festival program, there is no guarantee that IFF will be able to fully adhere to that schedule.

The Festival will not be responsible for the cost of receiving any additional materials i.e. DVDs, posters, photos, etc.

All submissions are screened and evaluated by the IFF Preview and Selection Committee, appointed by the festival steering committee. Judges decisions are Final.

IFF reserves the right to refuse to screen any submission deemed by the festival to be overly offensive, violent or racist.

Films that are accept will be announced after every deadline. So, enter your film in early.
Final notifications will be announced on or before July 19, 2022

Overall Rating
  • Really great experience! It was my first time as a filmmaker and I enjoyed it so much!

    November 2020
  • Daniele Zinelli

    Beautiful festival that gives the opportunity to many directors to be noticed. An immense thanks from Italy.

    November 2020
  • Paul London

    Was not able to attend but had great communications with the organizers and looks like a well planned and thoughtful film festival.

    August 2019
  • James Edmunds

    Terrific festival experience for filmmakers. Terrific audiences for every screening, good questions from audience members, and quality projection and sound. We're amazed that this small town turns out the people to see the films! And the audiences receive them with avid interest! Can't wait till next year!

    August 2019
  • Andre Rangiah

    Iberia Film Festival was a wonderful experience. I was very impressed with the attendance and the quality of films! Mark Boyance and the IFF team are very welcoming and a great team to work with. Looking forward to attending in the future and seeing the growth it assuredly deserves!

    August 2019