IU's annual celebration of student-produced films. Submitted films are viewed and judged by IU alumni and awarded for several categories including Best in Show, Best Cinematography, and Best Acting or Performance.

Submission packets must include:
- Movie file in native edit frame rate, 23.98 or 29.97 most typically
- Movie file in 1920 x 1080 (HD resolution)
- Three high-res still frames from movie
- Full list of credits of actors and crew
- Logline of film
- 80 word writeup (synopsis) of film
- Movie runtime
- Notations such as flashing images, mature content, sexual violence, artistic choices that might otherwise be seen/heard as an error (with timecode), such as, out of sync or distorted sound, intermittent sound/no sound, flashing frames of color, alteration of time (slow motion, fast motion, freeze frame, etc.).

Any production that incorporates moving images is eligible for screening and awards. Must be made by IU Bloomington students — undergraduate and graduate work are eligible.