The international teen film festival is consist of the non-profit teen cultural communication activities that was organized together by Beijing Culture, Middle School affiliated to Beijing Normal University, Shangshi Culture. The aim of this event is better to lead the excellent traditional Chinese culture inherited by young people, to promote the advanced socialist culture, to enrich teen cultural activities and to create and produce high-quality cultural products that could show the positive motivations of the contemporary teenagers.

As an international teen screen cultural communication event, we appealed 91 countries and areas, and more than 1500 films involved by far. Since the foundation, the film festival has shown more than 40 countries and area and 150 films. It thus became a highly influential filmic communication platform for teenagers.

Oscar winner director and Screenwriter Paul Haggis, Oscar winner director Keith Merrill, Sundance Film Festival member William Harram, famous director Tian Zhuangzhuang, artist Wang Haowei, Bad Monkey Film president Wang Yibing, famous director Wen Muye, famous scriptwriter He Jiping, famous host Li Kun, famous actress Song Chunli and so on served as judges of the film Festival.

In the past few years, teen film festival has selected many excellent teen films, has exploited many potential teen creators. Many of them later joined in domestic and international art academy to continue their dreams. In the future, ITSFF will continue hardworking as well, aiming to provide supports concerning film learning and growth for more teenagers. It will continue exploring in order to become the cradle of film students.

ITSFF enables more students to communicate on a larger platform, not just in school. It encourages and supports students' creative passion and interests in film through more communication, and expands their horizons to learn more creative methods and skills.

ITSFF is not just a short movie contest but also a cinema festival aiming to bring the young filmmakers together. With this film contest open for all directors between the ages 13-19 all around the world, we aim to create a medium where individuals in their period between childhood and youth can participate without limitation of subject, by starting making films and expressing their ideas through arts instead of passively consuming films.

ITSFF is a motivation project established to enable the youth to have different interaction opportunities, to increase awareness of other cultures from different segments of society, and to reinforce the feeling of understanding of individuals from different principles and social structures supporting young film-makers. The movies from all around the world will be another means to express cultural variety and diversity. Through this festival, you will simultaneously have the opportunity to swap ideas with the youth from around the world and to share ideas with important names of world cinema.

ITSFF has no restrictions on the theme of film, but the content of film must be suitable for the audience under the age of 18. Regardless the type of film, you can register for drama, documentary, experimental and animation short films. 

The competitions of the film festival are: International Competition, Domestic Competition, Youth Theme Feature Competition.

International Competition: 
Under the age of 11 Competition: There is no limit to the type of films created by students under the age of 11. 

12-15-year-old Competition: There is no limit to the type of films created by 12-15-year-old students.. 

16-19-year-old Competition: There is no limit to the type of films created by 16-19-year-old students. 

Domestic Competition: 
The Domestic Competition is divided into the middle school group and the high school group, and the Domestic Competition works also participate in the International Competition. 

Youth Theme Feature Competition: 
The teenagers' films created by adults must tell the stories about teenagers and be starred by teenagers.

#International Competition:
Best International Fiction Short Film
Best International Experimental Short Film
Best International Animation Short Film
Best International Documentary Short Film

In addition, the following categories will be awarded:
Best Director
Best Writer
Best screenplay
Best Performance
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Original Score
Special mentions
Teen Choice Award

# National Competition: Best Live Action Short Film Award, Best Documentary Short Feature Award, Best Animated Short Subject Award, Best Director Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Cinematography Award, Best Score Award, Best Performance Award, Best Editing Award, Viewer’s Choice Award,Teen Choice Award. 

# Youth Theme Feature Competition: Youth Aesthetic Education Recommended Film, Best Youth Theme Film, Best Youth Theme Director, Best Youth Actor.

Notice:Fully-eligible students or class representatives who are unable to pay the registration fee due to COVID-19 or other factors can send mail to to apply for a full free code.

1、The Film Festival is open to all filmmakers that are between the ages of 8-19.
2、Entries must have been made in 2020 or later; Filmmaker can be older than 19, but work must have been done while being younger than 19.
3、Works must be English subtitled.The subtitles have to be burnt in the movie file, no separate SRT files please!
4、The author must declare to be in possession of all rights for the movie.
5、There is no limit to the subject of the movies however the content of films must be suitable for under 18.
6、We only receive films that can be played or downloaded on FilmFreeway, because platforms like Vimeo and Google and YouTube are temporarily unavailable in Chinese mainland. Once submission is completed on FilmFreeway, submission fees cannot be refunded.
7、Feature films must be at least 60 minutes in length. Short films for young people can be up to 15 minutes long.
8、 The Film Festival can keep the copy of the submitted film for its archive and for viewing by other film festivals and organizations and for educational purposes.
9、Permission has been granted and there are no outstanding copyright or licensing issues with any of the material or soundtrack in your film.
10、 For feature-length films, though we do not insist on a premiere, we may not consider films that have been screened in the China already - for example, if they have toured other China festivals. Please contact the Film Festival office if you would like clarification on your own film if it has already screened or is going to be screened in the China.
11、We do not require a premiere status for short films.
12、The decision of jury members will be final and accepts no inquiries or arguments. The organizers reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes.
13、ITSFF will not be held responsible for any unauthorised inclusion of:
• any copyrighted and/or trademarked content or materials within or relating to the submitted project, including any content or materials that are or may become the basis for any Third Party Claim/s for copyright infringement and/or trademark infringement, trademark dilution or unfair competition
• any content or materials within or relating to the submitted film that are or may be the basis for any Third Party Claim/s.

If any unauthorised inclusion of materials as set out above applies to a submitted film, ITSFF reserves the right to forego consideration of that film, or to withdraw the film from confirmed programming.

14、It is the sole responsibility of the Submitter to:
• secure permission from the rights holders of any and all copyrighted and/or trademarked content or materials included within the film
• clear all content within the film from any and all actual or potential legal claims and issues, including, without limitation, claims based on theories of libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, violation of rights of publicity, theft of trade secrets, breach of confidence, breach of confidential relationship, and breach of express or implied contract.

Overall Rating
  • Sandy Blanco

    Very proud to have been selected to this great festival!

    November 2022
  • Maxim Bogdanov

    Гениалльное спасибо большое я очень рад !

    November 2021
  • A great festival and team encouraging and supporting young filmmakers and their work.
    We are proud to have participated in the 4th edition!

    November 2021
  • Ava Bounds

    Seems like a very well organised Festival. I’ll submit again!

    November 2021
  • It is a very high quality festival n it was a honour to be selected! A very warm welcome, prompt communication and wonderful camaraderie. We couldn't go to China but they made us feel like we were there. Thank you ITSFF for being so wonderful.

    November 2021