INTERSECCIÓN – Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival focuses its programming on works that are at the crossroads of contemporary art and avant-garde cinema, covering a wide variety of formats, techniques and languages.

- Jury Award

- Jury Award
- Contemporánea Award

- Jury Award

For International and Galicia Sections:
- Youth Jury Award
- NUMAX Award
- MAV Award
- Audience Award



INTERSECCIÓN – Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival focuses its programming on works that are situated between contemporary art and avant-garde cinema, including a wide variety of formats, techniques and languages.
The 5th edition of the festival will take place in the city of A Coruña (Spain) and will be held between October 14th and 23rd, 2022.

Dedicated to a selection of international works.
Accepted formats: Experimental documentary, creative documentary, experimental fiction, video art, experimental animation, installation, interactive and performance.
- Jury Award

Section for works by Galician authors or residents in Galicia.
Accepted formats: Experimental documentary, creative documentary, experimental fiction, video art, experimental animation, installation, interactive and performance.
- Jury Award
- "Contemporary" Award

Section aimed at students of artistic and/or audiovisual education.
Accepted formats: Experimental documentary, creative documentary, experimental fiction, video art, experimental animation, installation, interactive and performance.
- Jury Award

They are awarded to works from the aforementioned sections.

Young Jury Award (International and Galicia)

NUMAX Award (International and Galicia)

MAV Award (awarded to the work of a female author, participant in the International and Galicia sections)

Audience Award (International and Galicia).

The juries may award special mentions and/or declare a prize ex aequo, in which case, the amount will be divided among the winners.

The winners undertake to include the laurels sent by the Festival both in the poster and in the work and to state it in the information on the web and where appropriate.


The juries of INTERSECTION 2022 will be made up of professionals with proven international experience in the audiovisual art sector appointed by the Festival organization, who will assess the works presented, awarding by final decision the prizes corresponding to the indicated competitive sections.

The festival will communicate the prizes awarded to the people whose contacts were indicated in the registration process of the corresponding works. The prizes will be paid after receiving an invoice issued by the person or company registered or by another delegated. Prizes invoiced after November 1 will not be paid.

Works made in 2021 or 2022 can be registered in INTERSECCIÓN, regardless of their duration, whether they are experimental documentary, creative documentary, experimental fiction, video art, creative animation, video installation or audiovisual performance. Works of a television, commercial or advertising nature are expressly excluded. In any case, the Festival reserves the right to include works produced with an earlier date in its selection. Works sent to INTERSECCIÓN in previous editions will not be valued.

Although it is not essential that the registered works be premieres, it will be valued that they are unpublished in Spain.

At the time of registration, it must be stated whether the work must be shown in single-channel projection, installed or if either of the two options is valid.

The organization reserves the right to assign the selected works to the category it considers. Once the works are registered to participate in the festival, they cannot be eliminated from consideration and possible selection.

Each person or company may present as many works as they wish, regardless of their nationality and language. However, each work will have to be registered independently.
The deadline for submitting works to competition will be for all sections on May 31th 2022.

Participation fee:
- Early registration, completed before February 28th 2022: €3
- Standard registration, completed from March 1st to April 30th 2022: €4
- Late registration, completed from May 31st 2022: €5

* Galicia and Escolas sections will be free.

The festival does not guarantee acceptance and takes into consideration the works sent after the indicated dates.

Postal shipments on physical media such as DVD, tape or hard drive will not be accepted.

The registered works whose language is not Galician or Spanish, must have subtitles in one of these languages ​​or in English.

Inquiries about the process of sending works to INTERSECCIÓN can be sent to

The festival will notify the selection of the works to the contact persons specified in the submissions. The list of selected works will be published on the Festival's website and networks approximately one month before its start. Until this moment, the selection cannot be made public.

The absence of a selection notification from the Festival organization means that the work has not been selected. However, every effort will be made to ensure that all applicants are notified by email of the status of their work's appraisal.

All the works presented to the festival will be considered, provided that they meet the requirements established in these bases and have been completely and correctly presented.

The deadline for the delivery of the works selected for their participation in the festival will be September 1, 2022. Any work not received within the stipulated period may be eliminated from the final program by the festival.

Exhibition copies must be available in one of the following formats:
- DCP It must be of quality and prepared by a professional laboratory. Preferably the submission should be made in digital format. If the participant wishes to send in physical support, he will be responsible for the shipping and return costs.
- 16mm or 35mm.
- Digital file .mov or .mp4 format. Minimum resolution: 1920 × 1080, maximum bit rate: 50,000 kbps; AAC audio; subtitles in English, Galician and/or Spanish in .srt.

In case there are no copies available in any of the required screening formats, the Festival organization must be contacted immediately after the selection notification.

In case the DCP copy is password protected, it is mandatory to provide a valid KDM key.

The projection copy must be free of subtitles, unless it is subtitled in Galician or Spanish (mandatory when the dialogues do not use either of these two languages). Copies with embedded subtitles in a language other than one of these two will not be accepted. For specific cases with other languages, please contact the Festival organization.

For DCP or film formats, a digital backup copy (either ProRes or H.264) will be provided. It will be the Festival that decides the projection format.

For installation works, the video format is recommended with the same characteristics indicated above, although the artist can decide the format that best suits his work. If it is necessary to send physical materials, these will be borne by the artist.

The works selected in the official competitions will be exhibited publicly during the Festival, assuming that the participants authorize these projections from the moment of their registration in the Festival.

The owners of the works that are selected to participate in competitive sections give the Festival the right to project them both in the festival itself and in the different extraordinary activities held outside the dates of the event, always with exclusively cultural and non-commercial purposes. These projections will always be notified to the owner of the rights.

The organization of the festival reserves the right to show excerpts and previews of the selected works on television channels or through its website for promotional purposes (no more than 20% of the total duration or a maximum of 3 minutes of the work ).

The authors of the works presented authorize the Festival to use the informative materials sent, for promotional purposes in the media and for their inclusion in the web, catalog and any formats decided by the organization.

The organization assumes that the participants are the owners of the rights of the works they present or that they act on behalf of the owner. In any case, the organization is not responsible for possible infractions derived from this aspect.

The participants must cover the transport costs of the projection copies of the selected works. The inscription "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE" must appear clearly on the respective packages. Works sent on behalf of the Festival will not be accepted, and will be automatically returned to their sender.

The organization of the Festival (or its legal representatives) will resolve all cases not specified within the terms of these rules and may grant a special waiver with respect to specific and justified requests.

The organization reserves the right to cancel any registration or take the measures it deems appropriate in case of violation of the regulations or in response to any behavior that disturbs the course of the Festival. If a dispute occurs, these bases will be governed by their own clauses and, failing that, by related Spanish legislation at all times. In case of dispute regarding the fulfillment or interpretation of these bases, the parties waive their own jurisdiction that may correspond to them by reason of domicile and will submit their disputes to the courts and tribunals of the city of A Coruña.

The organization reserves the right to alter, modify or suspend the INTERSECCIÓN program at any time. 2022.

The organization of the festival reserves the right to decide or modify any aspect of these rules.

Both participation in the calls for INTERSECCIÓN, and participation in the Festival in case of selection, imply the unreserved acceptance of all the terms contained in these rules.