Eurofilm International Festival is a contest that rewards the top 5 jobs each country participating in each category competition.

International EuroFilmFestival counts as an honorary member of the prestigious International actor Andy Garcia, also participate and support this prestigious pageant filmmakers who have also received special awards like the Almodóvar brothers, the legendary Sancho Gracia and his son Rodolfo Sancho versatile actor or film directors Responsible aware in the film as chosen by Darren Aronofsky FAADA Foundation or the famous actris Asumpta Serna.

The Festival also has a clear social commitment and is based on the values of the RS, Social Responasbilidad, which is why the winners will be selected by the quality of its work and shall comply with the ethical standards of the pageant including those related to standards of respect in film productions to the animals treating them with great respect and consideration.

Winners will Eurofilmfestival figurine created by a sculptor for the occasion, and also receive a Masters in Social Responsibility valued at more than 3,000 euros that will take shape Online or Masters in Cinematography for the same value from Campus Universitario Europeo with the double titulation of the University San Miguel.

You can be one of our winers in the most importan festival in Europe.

Very Important Read the Rules before Participate.

. The insolvency section Euro Film Festival, theater festival Online
creations anywhere in Europe and the world, is open to the
share movies, producers, distributors, actors,
technical, artistic team, composers, media and youth
talent anywhere in the world.
2. parts, films and short films will be accepted at any
year and any language, the work must be submitted by its
creators, if not by its creator must have
the permission of that.
3. The deadline for submission of papers will be announced on the festival website
in time and to find out this information, they can access participants. The organization reserves
the right to modicar registration dates festival, event dates
online registration prices.
4. The organization reserves the right to remove all material Festival
that is offensive, defective or does not reflect the spirit of the Festival.
5. The material to enroll may be designed and made in any
international language, and must have been published to date
announced on our website, in the sections on conditions
Entries made by someone other than the producer must
be authorized to éste.Bases
6. Only registrations will be canceled if you receive written notice in the
Online EurofilmFestival headquarters two weeks before the closing
inscrición the contest.
7. The proposed organization reserves the right, at its own initiative or
Jury, to make changes of category or subdivide any of them if
so it sees fit. The organization shall have voice and vote total for the
selection of special prizes.
8. The transmission may be made by FilmFreeway in exclusive.
9. The material and documentation submitted will become part of
Euro file Film Festival. Participants authorize the exhibition
public or private parts submitted and editing for
promoting the festival. Remain at all times the rights of
marketing the creators and not the organization.
10. The developer must submit with their piece, a trailer of his film, and
a data sheet of the work with all specifications.
11. No films or films will be accepted whose messages have been
declared illegal by the courts or self-regulatory bodies,
Nor will enter a contest messages that do not have any relationship with
the theme of this festival.
12. When a movie or short film is worthy of award, the
organization may claim certifed of creation
or creator of the work.
13. It will be disqualified, and if deprived of their awards, any
participant who breach the provisions of these conditions.
14. Prizes will be missed by a jury composed of different
professionals from the film world, communication and production, which
will be announced at the festival website in good time, taking
the organization say in special prizes and honorary.
15. A winner will be stripped of his prize or award if
violate basic rules of the festival, not credit authoring work
this, not having consent of the creator to present their work, etc.
16.The winners will receive a statuette by the Euro Film Festival.
n order to give maximum publicity to the cinema to children and adolescents, may present their pieces without pay a Fee or cost
initial enrollment. After the jury verdict, whether a work is winning, the participant will incur Rights Accreditation

17. The organization will award the winners a scholarship to study in a
Online Masters in Cinematography and a Masters in Environment and CSR
worth more than € 3,000, provided the student meets all
requirements requiring business school which will give this training.
Once the Master, the student will only pay € 295 in respect of
issue of the title and the Hague Apostille also eligible for the double
degree from the prestigious University San Miguel.
18. If you do not wish to pursue this Masters will have to send a mail
declining participation in it to give the opportunity to another
person to access said Grant.
19. Winners will be selected by countries, jurors may
select an average of 5 productions by country and category provided they have
score enough, all selected by the jury will have the
category winners and may not be prizes void.
20. As an Online festival, the list of winners will be published
on our web and social media, press releases and all
dissemination of this contest.
21. The winner may use the logo of our festival and mention your
prize within his resume, web, news, etc., may also use the image of his statuette for promotion as winning filmmaker at any
means considered.
22. Eurofilmfestival is attached to the system Security Seal
Internet and also the Ethical Code of good conduct.
23. This contest has a clear purpose and a great solidarity Social Action and
supports the Global Compact of the United Nations, The Global Compact.
24. This festival supports the criteria of FAADA Foundation for the defense
animals in the audiovisual sector, working closely
with this entity therefore not be admitted jobs that
animals have been damaged, abused or violated some
mode for creating any type of film.
25. We pray that before participating take into account all points
the basis of this event, and before any doubt get in contact us.
26. One winner will be excluded from the festival does not accept and respect the rules of this pageant.

Overall Rating
  • International Euro film festival is a great festival. Have great value. Hope for grow more and more in popularity in future.
    All the best Festival Directors, juries, friends etc.

    August 2016
  • A competition of excellence standard. I recommend it.

    August 2016
  • Tthis is a great film festival and i'm so glad to be a part of this festival.

    August 2016
  • Jaret Martino

    As an artist, I create projects that make a difference and shed light on subject matters deserving of more attention from society and from the filmmaking community. We are thrilled that the judges at International Euro Film Festival recognized the importance of including our film Essential Tremors. It's such an honor! This festival is organized and communicative, and I plan to submit all my upcoming films to this wonderful platform! Thanks so much!

    August 2016
  • Heaven kid

    This is indeed a great film festival. Not only is the organization perfect, but the service is wonderful as well. We enjoyed being part of it.

    July 2016