Welcome to the International North American Film Fest, proudly sponsored by Emerald Sky and RatedXpert! Our film festival stands out as the people's choice, giving film enthusiasts from around the world the power to decide the winners.

The festival operates through our innovative video on demand platform, where a curated selection of exceptional films is made available to viewers. From thought-provoking documentaries to captivating narratives, our lineup features a diverse range of cinematic gems. As an audience member, you hold the key to the festival's success by participating in the voting process.

Once the films have been showcased on our platform, voting commences, allowing viewers to express their opinions and help determine the winners in various categories. We believe that the voice of the audience is paramount, as it represents the collective taste and appreciation for outstanding filmmaking.

Finally, the culmination of our film festival takes place on May 10th of this year in Metro Detroit, at the Greenmead Historic Society, where we gather to celebrate the chosen films and honor the talented filmmakers behind them. The event promises an electrifying atmosphere filled with industry professionals, film enthusiasts, and the creative minds that bring captivating stories to life.

The International North American Film Fest is a beacon for emerging talent, a platform for innovative storytelling, and an unparalleled celebration of the cinematic arts. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey through the world of film, where your voice matters and exceptional talent is recognized.

The honor and recognition that filmmakers receive at the International North American Film Fest, we also offer exciting opportunities for them to monetize their work. Our video on demand platform allows filmmakers to charge for film downloads and rentals, giving them a chance to generate revenue from their creations.

As an extra incentive, we have introduced a special prize for the Film of the Year. The film that emerges victorious in this highly coveted category will receive an exclusive share of 15% of the proceeds generated from the VoD competition. This means that the filmmakers behind the Film of the Year will not only gain acclaim but also a financial reward for their exceptional work.

Moreover, we believe in recognizing excellence across all categories. Therefore, we offer prize awards up to $1000 for the best film in each category. This encourages filmmakers to showcase their talent in various genres and themes, fostering healthy competition and inspiring creativity within the industry.

At the International North American Film Fest, we strive to support filmmakers and provide them with both recognition and financial opportunities. We believe that their talent deserves to be celebrated, and we are proud to offer these incentives as a token of appreciation for their exceptional contributions to the world of cinema.

Film Submissions: We are delighted to accept film submissions from talented filmmakers worldwide. The submission period begins on now and continues through December 30. During this time, filmmakers can submit their films for consideration in the festival.

Eligibility: Films of any genre, style, or theme are eligible for submission. However, all films must meet the following criteria:

Films must have been completed after July 1 of this year.
Films must be in English or include English subtitles.
Films must adhere to ethical guidelines, avoiding explicit or offensive content.
Submission Process: Filmmakers can submit their films through our official website. The submission form will require basic information about the film, including title, genre, duration, and a brief synopsis. Additionally, a secure link to the film or a digital file must be provided for the judging panel to review.

Selection Process: Our experienced judging panel will review all submitted films and select a diverse range of exceptional films for the festival. The final selection will be based on artistic quality, storytelling, technical proficiency, and overall impact.

Festival Receptions: Filmmakers whose films have been selected for the festival will be notified of their acceptance by April 1. This will provide ample time for preparations and attendance at the festival.

Voting: Once the selected films are available on our video on demand platform, voting will commence on September 1. Viewers can watch the films and cast their votes for their favorites in each category. Voting will remain open until the festival's conclusion.

Category Prizes: The films that receive the highest number of votes in each category will be awarded the Best Film award. Prizes for the Best Film in each category can range up to $1000, recognizing outstanding achievement in various genres and themes.

Film of the Year: The film that receives the highest number of overall votes across all categories will be crowned the Film of the Year. The filmmakers behind the Film of the Year will receive an exclusive share of 15% of the proceeds generated from the VoD competition, providing them with a significant financial reward.

Festival Date: The International North American Film Fest will now take place on May 12th. It will be a remarkable event where the chosen films are celebrated, awards are presented, and industry professionals, filmmakers, and film enthusiasts come together to appreciate outstanding cinematic achievements.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility regarding the changes. We look forward to receiving your film submissions and hosting an incredible festival on May 10th at the International North American Film Fest.