1. Organization
The 2017International Intangible Heritage Film Festival (here in after referred to as IIFF) is hosted by National Intangible Heritage Center and organized by International Intangible Heritage Film Festival Executive Committee.

2. Goals
The purpose of 2017 IIFF is to discover and introduce outstanding films related with Intangible Heritage and directed around the world. Moreover, 2017 IIFF aims to bring the world’s latest and hidden gem and devoted to diversity of intangible heritage and film in the spotlight.

3. Overview
1) Official Title: 2017 International Intangible Heritage Film Festival
2) Date: August 31 – September 3, 2017
3) Host: National Intangible Heritage Center
4) Organizer: International Intangible Heritage Film Festival Executive Committee
5) Supporter: Cultural Heritage Administration, International Information and Networking Center for Intangible Culture Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region. Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju City, Jeonbuk National University

4. Intangible Heritage is related with
-oral traditions and expressions
-performing arts
-social practices, rituals and festive events
-knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe
-traditional craftsmanship

- Grand Prix for Best Intangible Heritage Film : 7,000,000KRW (approx. 6,200 USD)
- Excellence Award for Best Intangible Heritage Film: 5,000,000KRW (approx.4,400 USD)
※Other prizes will be announced and the details are subject to change until the end of July. 2017

1. Submission Guideline
<Entry Requirements>
- Films completed after January 1, 2015
- Shorts and features are welcomed
- Any type of film (Fiction, Animation, Documentary, Experimental)
※Ending credits should be included in the running time.
※Korean Premiere is not required.
※There is no limitation to the number of films to be submitted.

<Submission Deadline>
May 24th ~ June 21st, 2017
※If you do not submit your entry form and preview file within the due date, the entry will be canceled.

<Entry Procedure>
Applications must be submitted via submission platform site and the festival preview must be uploaded.
: Online registration at FilmFreeway (https://filmfreeway.com)

The following material must be attached to the online submission:
- 1 film poster
- 3 stills from the film
- 1 photo of the director(s)
- 1 uploaded video file of the film
* If you don’t have film poster, you can attach a still from the film.
※Non-English or non-Korean works must have English subtitles and be the same version for screening film in the festival.
※Each entry must indicate the record of previous festival screenings and awards.

2. Selection
1) The films for Discovery Section will be selected by the festival program team and the preliminary jury.
2) Directors and producers of selected films must cooperate for screening in the festival.
3) The list of selected films will be notified July 17, 2017 on the festival website of http://iiff.iha.go.kr and be notified individually as well.
4) If your film is selected, you have the right and the responsibility to exhibit your film at 2017 IIFF.
5) The films can be selected for other non-competition and special sections at 2017 IIFF by program team.

3. Publication authorization
1) The excerpts from the submitted films which are selected as finalists could be used for the festival publicity. The total duration of the film excerpts (EPK clips) is within 3 minutes.
2) All submitted documents and materials would be used to publish the 2017 IIFF catalog(program book) and website.

4. Screening Copies
1) The screening format should be DCP, MOV (ProRes 422). Non-English works must have English subtitles. (※ In case of other screening formats, only under the agreement between entrants and the 2017 IIFF, screening is exceptionally possible.)
2) All screening copies of films must arrive at the 2017 IIFF office no later than July 28, 2017. Be sure to mark all materials: “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE-FOR CULTURAL PURPOSE ONLY” when you send the materials using by post.
3) All screening copies of films will be returned to the address on your entry form within 4 weeks after the end of Festival.

5. Screening & Copyright after 2017 IIFF
1) 2017 IIFF has a right to have additional screenings of the finalists and Awarded films only the film events hosted by 2017 IIFF. In this case, the 2017 IIFF will get permission from the copyright holders in advance.
2) Under the distribution agency agreement with the copyright holders, 2017 IIFF may distribute the films through online media during the festival.

6. Archive
1) The films will be archived as the form of DCP and MOV (ProRes 422) with the consent of the copyright holders in order to screen the films for the non-profit purposes, after this festival. If necessary, the 2017 IIFF may request copyright holders to send a digital format on 2017 IIFF’s expenses.
2) If the copyright holders do not agree, 2017 IIFF will not keep the film in the archive.
3) Rescreening of International Competition selection is possible in the film events hosted by the 2017 IIFF after the festival. In this case, the 2017 IIFF must have permission from the copyright holder in advance.

7. Agreement
It is assumed that regulations are in force, once the copyright holders (directors, film distributors, agents, or producers) submit their entry form to the online site: FilmFreeway.

8. Others
1) Participants declare that they hold all of the copyrights, intellectual property rights and all other types of rights, or the authorizations required, for the film to participate in the international competition.
2) The Executive Committee of the festival reserves the right to decide upon matters not discussed in the above regulations.