The official nominees of this unique London UK Film Festival will be an Elite gathering of visionaries in London.

Dates will take place over 3 days of screenings at the Premiere Cinemas Mercury Shopping Centre, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3EE to announce and celebrate each winner" (IMDb Qualifying Film Festival).

Officially Selected Feature Film & Short Film & highlighted Film Screenings plus Film Actor and Actress Show-reel Scenes and Award Event Sponsored by The Film Actors Academy & Indie Film Rocket Movie Streaming Platform &

The winners will make selected films together with Paul J Lane Multi Award Winning Film Director (19 Official IMDb Awards) and his award winning team.
The Best Actor will be the lead actor
The Best Actress will be the lead actress etc subject to contracts).
Cast & Production team contracts negotiated with I AM Film Festival winners.
Winning films will be offered through negotiation and availability in licensing with the Indie Film Rocket Streaming Platform
From 2019's winners Tiffany Rose Ellen - Best Film Actress is starring in Paul J Lane's "All The Lonely People" (A cure for loneliness due for release Dec 2020) Richard A Carter Best Show reel Actor starring in "Web Crawler" due for release March 2021 and Katrina Ross - Best Show reel Actress worked as Director of Photography on

All The Lonely People / Web Crawler due for Premieres in February 2021 and now prepares for her role in the Indie Film Rocket Original "Full House"



1. The Actor / Actress must have permission of the writer and or the owners of the movie scene.

2. Only a nominated Actor or Actress can use the Official Selection logo, this will be sent to you by a confirmation email if selected.

3. Anyone using the official nomination without selection will be approached legally for usage withdrawal.

4. The I AM Award Trophies are FREE for the winners.

5. If your show reel / film scene is selected, I AM Film Awards will highlight the best scenes to improve your impact in the competition..

6. The Film Actor Academy member awards are voted on solely by Film Actor Academy members separate to all other awards and categories until the public vote.


1. All of the above categories prices vary according to FilmFreeway listings.

2. Announcement of any official selection by film-makers can only be done when advised by solely by a I AM Film Festival representative.

3. Films can not be more than 36 months old on first day of festival submission process and can be any length..

4. Person submitting must have full authorisation and permission to submit the film to the festival from the content owner.

5. The person submitting will be the point of contact throughout festival proceedings.

6. Submitter / content creator must own all rights to content included in film, this includes (but not limited to) footage, music, photographs and art work.

7. Films can have had a paid broadcast or theatrical release (cinema or television). Films available for download via paid platforms do qualify. Previous screenings allowed.

8. All confirmed official selections are non refundable.

9. All decisions of the festival board are final.

10. Submitter / content creator gives I AM Film Awards full permission to use images, screen grabs and information about their film to promote the festival and its programme.

11. Information will be limited to data about the film. Personal information will be limited to the director / producer’s name and location of production.
Information and imagery will only be used should a film be included in the festival.

12. Attendance at any event at the festival comes with the understanding that you may be seen and included in press material.

Charges apply for the champions final ticket event in London.

13. The submitter / content creator is under no obligation to actively participate in promotional content for the festival.

14. Films must be in HD digital format: DCP, MOV or MP4, Films on DVD can also be screened.

15. The submitter / content creator is responsible for the quality and format of the film for screening.

16. Films in DCP format are not required.

17. I AM Film Awards will not and can not make any alteration to content of final films.

18. The submitter / content creator is responsible for any subtitles or alternate language versions of their film.

19. I AM Film Awards guidelines are applied as a general rule for taste, decency and age certification.

20. I AM Film Awards reserve the right to implement age restrictions above any official certificate issued to a film from any film board of any country.

21. By submitting to the festival, filmmakers declare that they are not in breach of any copyright.

22. Defamatory or slanderous comments of any persons living or dead by explicit or implied methods will be prohibited.

23. I AM Film Awards are not represented by the views or opinions of the films, its characters or filmmakers but reserve the right to exclude any film to prevent the festival, its directors or its partners from being associated with content deemed inappropriate.

24. Context of films content will be reviewed and considered but the festival decision is final.

25. The Champions final event selected parts for future films prize value is a budget for the new short film projects and is deemed as production value in services offered.

26. Judges are not allowed to enter their own films but Actors and Actresses from these films can submit their scenes for Best Actor or Actress submissions for the public vote section.

27. Full length and highlights of nominations will be screened dependent on volume of entries.

Email with private link or links to your work and advise which category you are applying for.

Overall Rating
  • James Allen

    A delightful and welcoming festival. Would happily return.

    March 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you James, was a pleasure to meet you and to see your wonderful film at the I AM Film Festival

  • Pranjal aka Prakash Deka

    Great Communication, professional conduct! Although I could not attend the festival, I was well informed and and in active communication with the Festival! Thank you very much for choosing my film "Fireflies" as the finalist for the best feature film award and nominating me for the best Director Award!

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Pranjal, all of our judges admire your film, it is beautifully Filmed, Directed and Acted. It's been a pleasure to receive your film entry and we look forward to your next film as does the World. Paul J Lane Festival Director of I AM Film Festival London UK .

  • Katt Gilcrease

    When I saw the name of the festival I was intrigued. Then I found out it was to be in London... and must say I hesitated to enter our film. Only because we are in Texas and didn’t know or think it might draw much attention. After reviewing the rules and realizing we’d probably not be able to attend because of the distance and work schedules we hesitated again. However, something kept calling out to me... the name... I Am. Well, as you know now, there’s a character in our film named I am.
    Weird coincidence but it had my attention. And kept pulling... so we entered.
    And now after our results we are glad we did.
    Finalist in all the categories we entered! No wins... but we are still grateful and amazed.
    We didn’t make the fest and we are sorry. From the reviews I’ve read and the beautiful award laurels I can tell it must be one hell of a good time and well done. I can say your communication with me has been tremendous. Who knew email worked over there too!!!
    Thank you so much for your faith in our film and choosing it for your festival. We are so honored.
    Please keep us informed on how the film you make from the festival is progressing and especially when it’s done.
    Big thanks from the Texas folks!
    Awesome experience.
    Hope to meet you all one day. Maybe next year!

    Again thanks,
    Katt Gilcrease
    Derelict ( actor)

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Katt, such great "Joy" in watching this amazing film reference :) and really enjoyed our discussions throughout the course of the festival. We totally recommend Derelict. A beautiful and sincere message and wonderfully acted and Direction from Michael. We will keep in touch with the future connected movie with updates. Speak again soon. Thanks again for a lovely review. Best wishes from Paul (Paul J Lane Festival Director of I AM Film Festival London UK )

  • Shihyun Wang

    It is an honor fir my film “I am the world” to be officially selected (Best screenplay) by such a wonderful IMDB festival. Thank you.

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Shihyun, your film is incredibly powerful and touched the hearts of many at the I AM Film Festival. Thank you so much for connecting with us. All the very best from Paul J Lane Festival Director of I AM Film Festival London UK

  • Had a fantastic time.
    Everyone was so warm and welcoming.

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Steven, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you, Tiffany and your Mother. We are all incredibly happy with your achievements at I AM Film, congratulations on such a brilliant and successful film. All the very best from Paul J Lane Festival Director of I AM Film Festival London UK