In an era marked by escalating poverty, economic and social instability, and glaring inequality, the imperative to uphold and safeguard human rights necessitates immediate and interconnected efforts from all societal stakeholders. The Festival is dedicated to advancing and nurturing the respect for human rights and their protection. With its inaugural theme centered on Human Rights and Human Environment, the "Human District" project aspires, right from its inception, to secure a prominent position among the most impactful initiatives in Serbia, with the goal of catalyzing advancements in the preservation, protection, and enhancement of human rights.

The Festival Program is strategically designed to engage with its identified target audience through carefully curated screenings featuring works by globally and locally acclaimed film artists and human rights activists. Additionally, interactive elements within the program actively encourage individuals and communities to participate in shaping the discourse surrounding human rights.

As the screens flicker to life, prepare to be immersed in a kaleidoscope of narratives that capture the essence of human rights struggles, triumphs, and the collective pursuit of a more equitable world. The Human District International Film for Human Rights is not just a showcase of cinematic excellence but a platform for fostering empathy, understanding, and action.

Best Documentary Feature Film
Best Fiction Feature Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Fiction Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film
Jury Mention

Screening Rules

Entries are accepted in the following formats: DVD and Internet Link (URL). Entries are accepted in one of four categories: Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary, and Experimental. We are also accepting short Student Films. Short films are 40 minutes and under in run time. Feature films are 50 minutes or longer in run time.

Internet Links (URL)

If you have a link (i.e. Vimeo, YouTube) you may submit it with this entry form only. There is a section in the form to submit your film's URL and password (if applicable). If at any time you change the URL and/or password it is your responsibility to contact the Human District Film Festival as soon as possible. There is no need to send a physical copy of your film(s) with this option chosen.

Selected Films

All submitting filmmakers will be notified regarding acceptance by September 2nd 2024 with the email address provided at the time of submission (please add to your email address book to ensure receipt of notification). If your email address changes before notifications are sent out please contact the Human District Film Festival immediately with the new email.

If submitting a URL you do not need to mail in anything. If you have any questions regarding your submission and/or the submission process contact Human District Film Festival at