Hudson International Film Festival NYC is a new player in International Film Festival which strategically based in the vibrant city of New York.

The Vision of the Festival is to create a dynamic community for all creative Independent Filmmakers around the world to showcase the best of the world documentary film, short film, music video and full feature film.

Hudson International Film Festival NYC Mission is to give an over the top digital experience for filmmakers and to all international fans of mainstream and indie movies.

We are happy to welcome you to be part of our upcoming film festival in 2024.

Hudsonfilmfest New York
Day 1 April 13, 2023
4Pm to 7:30 PM
Filmmaker's Interview
Ripley Grier Studio

Times Square Mega Wide HUGE LED Screen
Ad launching all hudsonfilmfest filmmakers
8 PM

Day 2 April 14, 2023
Film Screening
TheGrand Theater
Producer's CLUB
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Day 3 April 15, 2023
Awards Ceremony
The Penthouse

Hudsonfilmfest 2023 Winners

Best Film of the year 2023- Activismo: Art & Dissidence in Cuba Directors Philip Sugden, Carole Elchert

Impact Award - Robin Hood Director Leslie Kincaid Burby
Top movie of the year | Audience Choice Award - Robin Hood Director Leslie Kincaid Burby

Best Feature Film - The Game Director Ana Lazarevic
Best Documentary - Holy Prostitution Director Natasha Dematra
Raised Up West Side Director Brett A. Schwartz
Best Short Film - Where To Now? Director Brady Bryson
Best Performance - Lenven Rambin | Where to now?
Best Hybrid Film - This Mortal Plastik Directed by Jess Irish
Best Cinematography - Portal 3 Fantasy Directors Sam Schwartz, Brent Ruiz
Best Original Score - Omar Camps- Kamrin Robin Hood
Editha Award - A film for Women Empowerment- The Closet Letter Director Katherine Monroy
Best Original Screenplay- Sarah + Joey Director Aidan Matthew Turner
Best Music Video - Brandon Jerrod | For a good time


The WINNERS OF HUDSONFILMFEST Awards 2020 Virtual Edition

Best Actor- "Krisis" Joaquin Daniel
Best Supporting Actor -"Broke" Luke Bond
Best Director Short - "Krisis" Daniel F. Amselem
Best Director Full Feature Film - "Broke" Luke Bond
Best Full Feature Film-"BROKE" - Luke Bond
Best Short Film- "Krisis" Daniel F. Amselem
Best Cinematography - "Krisis" Daniel F. Amselem
Audience Choice Award -We sleep as we live. - Harry Geithner
Filmmaker of the Year - "Krisis" Daniel F. Amselem
Filmmaker of the Year - US - Kanda Bode (Don't Get Whipped) Fekad Kiros, Cheryl Halpern
Best Music Video - Overtime- Brandon Jerrod / Prince Hairston
Best Documentary - Kanda Bode (Don't Get Whipped) Fekad Kiros, Cheryl Halpern
Best Original Score - "Mystery" Joe Whelski Mike Handelman Isaiah Mueller
Best Screenplay - We sleep as we live. - Harry Geithner
Best Hybrid/Animation/POV Film- "For While" - Jess Irish 

First Honorable Mention for Best Documentary Film
When All That's Left is Love-Eric Gordon
First Honorable Mention for Best Screenplay "Mystery Mansion" - Joe Whelski Mike
Handelman Isaiah Mueller
First Honorable Mention for Best Screenplay-My Father's Fabulous Funeral - Mark Stolzenberg



Greater Good- Miranda Plant
Kanda Bode (Don't get whipped)- Fekad Kiros, Cheryl Halpern
We where hardly more than children - Cecilia Condit

The Awards:
Best Short Film
Best Full Feature Film
Best Cinematography
Best Film of the Year
Best Music Video
Best Documentary
Impact Award
Best Original Score
Best Screenplay
Best Hybrid/Animation/POV Film
Editha Award

Overall Rating
  • Aidan Matthew Turner

    This event exceeded my expectations and was grateful to be a part of it.

    I somehow missed that there was an awards ceremony in the email, I won an award and I wasn't there to accept it :( perhaps a formatting thing could've helped that but honestly was more of my mistake.

    May 2023
  • Timothy McKort

    Marlon and his staff have done a wonderful job with this years festival. it was an honour having our film Spearphishing as part of the celebrations. Kudos to the Hudson International Film Festival New York

    May 2023
  • This festival was extremely professional, and everything went as smoothly as could be. Everyone was very direct and clear, and all of the reps went above and beyond to make this festival a hit! Can't wait to see what they do in the future.

    April 2023
  • Ryan Lesica

    Reps had been direct and transparent, and the perks offered were beyond my expectations. Interviews, screenings, and even an ad on the jumbo screen in Times Square; wow! Festival truly cares about making an impression and making sure your film garners the attention it deserves; highly recommended!

    April 2023
  • Thank you for nominating our film “Bon Appétit.” We had an amazing experience.

    March 2023