Welcome to Hudson International Film Festival New York. We are excited to have you tomorrow at our official opening. It will be at 12:00 Noon and we will be live virtually in New York City Times Square. Our screening will start at 1:00 PM. We are amazed how our Filmfest connects to people around the world. We would like thank all the participating filmmakers. Despite the chaos this year caused by COVID19, we were still able to develop the technology to support our virtual film festival. In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to announce that tomorrow we will open the festival to all for free, and you will be able to access all the films without tickets. I hope you will enjoy our films and network with other filmmakers around the world. Thank you and happy holidays!

Hudson International Film Festival NYC is a new player in International Film Festival which strategically based in the vibrant city of New York.

The Vision of the Festival is to create a dynamic community for all creative Independent Filmmakers around the world to showcase the best of the world documentary, shorts, music video and full feature films.

Hudson International Film Festival NYC Mission is to give an over the top digital experience for filmmakers and to all international fans of mainstream and indie movies.

We are happy to welcome you to be part of our upcoming film festival in 2021. Submission will be open soon to all filmmakers around the world.


Best Actor- "Krisis" Joaquin Daniel
Best Supporting Actor -"Broke" Luke Bond
Best Director Short - "Krisis" Daniel F. Amselem
Best Director Full Feature Film - "Broke" Luke Bond
Best Full Feature Film-"BROKE" - Luke Bond
Best Short Film- "Krisis" Daniel F. Amselem
Best Cinematography - "Krisis" Daniel F. Amselem
Audience Choice Award -We sleep as we live. - Harry Geithner
Filmmaker of the Year - "Krisis" Daniel F. Amselem
Filmmaker of the Year - US - Kanda Bode (Don't Get Whipped) Fekad Kiros, Cheryl Halpern
Best Music Video - Overtime- Brandon Jerrod / Prince Hairston
Best Documentary - Kanda Bode (Don't Get Whipped) Fekad Kiros, Cheryl Halpern
Best Original Score - "Mystery" Joe Whelski Mike Handelman Isaiah Mueller
Best Screenplay - We sleep as we live. - Harry Geithner
Best Hybrid/Animation/POV Film- "For While" - Jess Irish 

First Honorable Mention for Best Documentary Film
When All That's Left is Love-Eric Gordon
First Honorable Mention for Best Screenplay "Mystery Mansion" - Joe Whelski Mike
Handelman Isaiah Mueller
First Honorable Mention for Best Screenplay-My Father's Fabulous Funeral - Mark Stolzenberg



Greater Good- Miranda Plant
Kanda Bode (Don't get whipped)- Fekad Kiros, Cheryl Halpern
We where hardly more than children - Cecilia Condit

The Awards:
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
Best Director Short
Best Director Full Feature Film
Best Cinematography
Audience Choice Award
Filmmaker of the Year - World
Filmmaker of the Year - US
Best Music Video
Best Documentary
Best Short Film
Best Original Score
Best Full Feature Film
Best Screenplay
Best Hybrid/Animation/POV Film

Overall Rating
  • The Hudson International Film Festival embodies the concept of the great explorer Henry Hudson -- perpetuating the willingness to venture into untested waters for the betterment of humanity in a cinematic sea already saturated with familiar narratives recycled over and over. With an international flavor enlivening the visual cortex through integrating cultures, variegated languages and stories with a global vista, I am blessed to premier my first mini-documentary, For Official use Only. Here erudite film experts promote stories that a bio-diverse world yearns to hear. The experience of interacting with Marlon Villaflor, a fellow Filipino, and RJ Harper, a fellow Brown University alum, unveils a new indicator of a burgeoning global market unwilling to compromise with the patriarchal white washing of a Hollywood culture abruptly cut short during this period of tumult of COVID19 pandemia. Supporting this fully virtual experience as a free source of inspiration for all provides a paradigmatic model for those who want to make their voices heard and build momentum for a new epoch where all movies move towards being released in theaters and online simultaneously. This provides a multiplicity of viewers with the freedom to choose which directors, actors and artists they want to represent in a world where real life action heroes are exemplars on and off the screen. I am inspired to push further as a physician-filmmaker and am indebted to such a wonderful experience which I hope can weather this corona-plague and stand the test of time.

    January 2021
  • Cecelia Condit

    I have nothing but superlative reviews of this festive. The work was strong and varied and the organizers and interviewer excellent!

    January 2021
  • Mark Rose

    Appreciate the good folks and judges at this event for acknowledging our first work - Alaska Long Hunters, this among dozens of other wins for ALH world-wide. Thank you and watch for our sequel in 2021!

    January 2021
  • This festival is absolutely great. In a situation of total chaos, they have been able to create a "strong horse". Thank you for all your love and talent. Good luck for the years to come. Daniel F. Amselem

    January 2021
  • Brandon Jerrod

    This was an amazing first film festival experience for me and the everyone involved couldn’t have been more professional and hospitable. To have pulled such an event off during this pandemic was Epic and I’m glad to have been a part! Can’t wait til next year!

    December 2020