Welcome to Vancouver's first BIPOC Horror Film Festival: Horror in Seconds.

The festival will take place November 22-26, 2023 at various venues throughout the city.

Horror in Seconds aims at broadening representation, accessibility, and breaking the financial barriers BIPOC artists face.

Relying solely on the power of visual storytelling to evoke fear, the Festival will showcase bite-sized shorts filmed on the participants’ smartphones and with no dialogue.

The absence of dialogue creates an inclusive experience for the deaf and hard of hearing community, as well as individuals with shorter attention spans and other linguistic barriers.

By limiting the shorts’ submissions to 60 seconds or less, the Festival subverts the traditional ways of storytelling and encourages the emerging artists, to unleash their creativity with some spine-chilling stories.

We are actively fundraising to bring this artistic vision to life and secure the needed resources to curate a thrilling festival experience, including venue expenses, equipment, promotional materials and honorarium for the team. As an influential cultural event, the fundraising contributions aim at highlighting the power of community and the collective need of diverse stories in the film industry to ignite a sense of unity as we learn more about each other through the stories told.

Make our scream come true and donate to our GFM: https://gofund.me/c77ab72d

What to expect:

-An opportunity to unleash your creativity and showcase your talents through a platform that fosters community building

-Screenings, live performances, panel talks, prizes and more

-You will have the time of your life and be inspired to submit your own movie next year

For any questions and/or accessibility needs, please email: info@horrorinseconds.ca

We are so bloody excited to watch your bite-sized horror shorts. But first, please heed the lurking Guidelines carefully before submitting your application:

-Applicants must be 19+

-Applications are currently open only to Emerging BIPOC Canadian filmmakers

-The horror shorts must be 60 seconds or less, shot on a smartphone and with no dialogue

-The short you are attaching was not submitted to other Film Festivals before

-Music and sounds are optional but make sure the closed captioning is accurate for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Check this video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfe479qL8hg

-The theme for our inaugural year is Holiday Horror. Get creative, explore what "Holiday" really means to you and build a story from there

-Please add the title of your short at the beginning of
the film and the credits at the end