Say 'Hello' (again) to the Homebrew Film Festival, the showcase for short films of all genres, created by talented individuals from across the UK!

Following the success of our 2022 festival, things have gone from Regular to Venti, as Homebrew becomes a part of Eclectic Art Festival, giving an opportunity for filmmakers to display their work to a larger audience than our Odeon Cinema screen could handle, last time out.

We can't wait to welcome you to our new home at The Lights, a large Music and Theatre venue in Andover, Hampshire and hopefully share a coffee with some friendly faces both familiar and new.

Films shown at the event will be eligible for the following awards:

Best Short – Awarded to the best film shown, as decided by the Homebrew organisers, Awards will be given from first place to third

Audience Choice Award – Decided by the audience.

Best Student Film - Given to the best film made by a student (see student submission guidelines), Awards will be given from first place to third

Films that are over 15 minutes long (including all credits), will not be considered for Homebrew Film Festival.

Films can be submitted by film makers of all ages and backgrounds. Films using uncredited, non-licensed, copyrighted musical or literary properties without legal permission are not eligible. Homebrew Film Festival is not responsible for any copyright infringement.

In order to be eligible to enter the ‘student’ category you must send an email from your student account to confirming your name, film name and your contact details.

All films (including student submissions) are eligible for both the Best Film award and the Audience Choice award.

As it is a private event, Homebrew is exempt from BBFC classification. Due to the presence of a student category, we have taken the view that content should be within the boundaries of what one would expect from a ‘15’ classified film. Under 14s are required to be in attendance with a parent or guardian.

Overall Rating
  • Steve Langridge

    A well organised and friendly event, in a fantastic location, with proceeds going to a vital local service. Thanks to all involved

    May 2023
  • A D Cooper

    This festival exudes a lovely energy and it's run by people who love films. The student stewards and ushers were faultlessly polite and helpful.

    I had a film in the festival in 2022 called "Odds" and it was great to be back again in 2023 with "Playing Away" which was filmed not far from Andover. But then there was the bonus of winning the Audience Choice from a very eclectic mix of films.

    June 2022
  • Geoff Harmer

    A fantastic evening! Was great seeing all the entries on a BIG Odeon screen! The auditorium was packed! The organisers were friendly and on it! You can't ask for more!

    June 2022
  • Kieran Reed

    The Homebrew Festival, and the guys that organised and ran it, is/are an inspiration to us all.
    Thery were warm and friendly, as well as knowledgable and passionate.
    It was with deepest regrets that, due to a family bereavement, I had to bow out, at the last moment, of attending the actual festival. I will always regret this as by all acuounts it was a wonderful event.
    Here's to the new cuppa.

    May 2022
  • What a great first festival from the lads at Homebrew! So glad my film could be part of the event. Not only was it well put together but it ran smoothly too. The team should be so proud of what they achieved with this event. A great turn out and some brilliant films. Hope to be part of it again next time!

    May 2022