This year the award is dedicated to Pierpaolo Pasolini.
The event is in collaboration with the italian Association "Borghi autentici d'Italia", that put together small and medium communities, local authorities for local development. The shared objective is a sustainable local development model, respect of places and people and attention to the enhancement of local identities.

The videopoetry must develop the following theme:

"The shape of the city".

The component of the jury are: Dimitri Ruggeri (poet, videopoet and performer ), Marco Di Gennaro (filmmaker), Alessandra Prospero (poet and publisher), M° Roberto Bisegna (musician) and Ilio Leonio (Professor and member of the organization).

The jury will select the best ten videos for the finals which will be presented in the final evening, scheduled in Pereto (Italy) on 26th of September 2020.

Last year "The Funambulist dream" won the prize (

The best ten videos will be screen in the "Hombres Videopoetry Festival" 2020 and the winner will be announced in the night of the festival.

Hombres Videopoetry Award

Best poem
Best Original Music
Best Photography
Best Performance

Local craft products


Only one videopoetry for author

Age of the author of the video: up 18 years old

Duration of the video: minimum 1 minute, maximum 15 minutes

Date of production : after 01/01/2016

Language: italian and english. Other languages must be subtitled into italian or english

Fee: 4$

Deadline: 15 June 2020

The text in the video can be read, performed or put as subtilte.
Please don't sent slideshow of photos with subtitles.



The participant declares to be the author of the poetic text and the holder of all the copyrights of the video and the term of use (images, text, music, etc.). He authorizes the organization to use the video for promotional and no-profit, informative, educational, journalistic, cultural purposes. If the video contains, text, music etc. of third parts, the participant is obliged to inform to the organization by sending a specific declaration that authorize to use the work. The rights of the videos belong to theindividual authors that, with the participation to the prize, authorize the screening of the video during the final night and during all the next events joined to the prize.

The participant agree entirely with the rules and declares that the video is original and authentic. In any case, the organization has no responsabilities for unauthorized use of the video covered by copyright.

The participant declares to authorize the organization of the prize, in accordance with current legislation on privacy, even automated processing of personal data and to use the information sent for all purposes related to the competition and events connected.

Overall Rating
  • Very happy and proud that he short "Cousins if clouds" was selected. I wish I could join !

    November 2019
  • Pierre Kornev

    Great festival! The communication was excellent. This festival have inspired me to create more films! Thanks for opportunity to participate! Highly recommend to apply!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanx a lot Pierre for your film.