The Hollywood Gospel Film Festival and Awards is a division of the Inside Hollywood Entertainment Industry Bootcamp, presented by the McDonald-Davis-Horowitz Corporation. You will experience a conference with some of the top named producers, writers, artist and so much more from some of the top entertainment studios here in Hollywood.

We focus on the great work of established and up and coming Gospel filmmakers, editors, media ministry persons and so much more.

**SPECIAL NOTE: All workshops, panels, receptions and seminars will take place the same week 3 days prior to the Film Festival at the Inside Hollywood Entertainment Bootcamp. Registration is required to attend all workshops. Finalist projects will be featured during this event. Final screenings will all take place the day of the Gospel Film Fest.

Everyone who enters will receive and 4 day vacation get away to Las Vegas and Hollywood, California.

No refund
No nudity or sexuality explicit scenes
 or subliminal messages
No profanity or offensive language

Strong violence is prohibited

Must present Gospel, Faith Based Christian values

Horror films will not be accepted.

All projects must be in English.

Prizes will be granted based on the number of entries, donations and sponsors received. Hollywood Gospel Film Festival reserves the right to reject any submissions. Category finalist and winners will be contacted by email. Phone contacts may be optional.

We open our film festival to any faith based Gospel or Christian film and video maker.