Welcome to the Hollywood Global Film Festival 2022!

Filmmaker Experience

Truly one of the most marvelous experience a filmmaker may experience is the feeling of winning their respective category. Our job, as a festival committee, is to cut through the noise and stand out with a message that’s relevant, distinctive, and represents Hollywood Global Film Festival from other film festivals, and effectively create a shareworthy filmmaker experience. Our film festival awards gala recognizes excellence in film making for maximum exposure, your film submissions may lead you onto our finalist list, should your nominations win, you will find yourself walking our elevated catwalk, escorted on stage by delegates from Global Film Queen (male award’s winner) or our male models (female award’s winner); whereas, you will be greeted on stage by a member of Hollywood Global Film Festival Hall of Fame members presenting our 15” custom golden statuette figurine trophy. Usually, the winners from film festival only receives a digital imprint of a laurel leaves, our winners are ingrained with memories of a full pageantry ceremony in front of their fellow peers from the motion pictures industry, creating a truly one of the most memorable experiences.

Festival Awards & Gala Date

Red Carpet Ceremony, Awards Gala, Sit-Down Dinner, & Show, Sunday October 23, 2022

Sunday's Awards will be given based on reviewing and judging the submissions. Additional details of the judging committee will be forthcoming as the film festival date approaches. Film screenings of the winners during the Awards ceremony on stage are expected to be available as in person during live show with audience.

Submission outcomes are (Not-Selected, Showcase, Selected, Finalist, and Award Winner). Winning submissions receive promotional support and acquisition introductions by the film festival. Selected filmmakers will participate on Red Carpet for press-line interviews and discussions. On a limited basis film festival judges may provide feedback and critique. Networking opportunities exist at our Red Carpet, Awards Banquet & Screening Show before, during and after-party. A custom designed trophy, by Maryanne Lai, is presented as an award.

Venue: Los Angeles San Gabriel Hilton Hotel

Festival Passes

Festival Passes are expected to go on sale as earliest on Wednesday May the 4, 2022, for Red Carpet Ceremony, Sit-Down Dinner, Awards Gala and Show. VIP passes are limited and by invitation only to the festival’s Red Carpet, Awards Gala and preferential seating for the dinner and show. Other Private, Public, and Remote Events will be announced on a future date.


The submissions period for the 2022 Hollywood Global Film Festival opens January 28, 2022. Film submissions to the Hollywood Global Film Festival may be submitted via FilmFreeway (https://filmfreeway.com/HollywoodGlobalFilmFestival) and or contacting submissions@hollywoodglobalfilmfest.com

Premiere Status

Previously premiered and distributed films are encouraged to make a submission due to the pandemic.

Screening Protocol

Selected submissions for screening are expected to have a taped introduction proceeding the screening and to be available in person or remotely for a question-and-answer session immediately following the screening. Film directors and their associated personnel will use best efforts to be available to participate in promotional campaigns. See Rules & Terms.

Non-English Films

All non-English language films need English subtitling or captioning.

Additional format requirements will be required for online and theatre showings. Screenings will be a combination of Public, Press, and Industry.
Specific DCP formats are required for in person screenings for press and media.


Kindly communicate through the FilmFreeway platform and by email to ensure the fastest reply to your inquiries. The Notification Date for Submissions is September 28, 2022 (nominees will be notify in advance so they may attend the Red Carpet & Awards Gala).

In 2021, our film festival received over 50 countries that submitted with film makers representing Africa, Asia, Europe, North & South America. Last year’s live in-person Red Carpet Awards Gala Sit-Down Dinner was attended by 500 actors, actresses, directors, producers, singers, industry insiders, and the media all assemble under one venue at the Hilton Hotel Los Angeles San Gabriel. Founded in 2018, we are celebrating our fifth year and I am honored by your participation. See you on Red Carpet!

Thank you,

Maryanne Lai
Founder & Executive Producer
The Hollywood Global Film Festival Committee

Founder, Fan, Critic, & Jury Awards

New category has been added. We are thrilled to add Best Male Stunts & Best Female Stunts for this year’s entries. Along with various new categories called "Best Favorite Icon" awards for films with a previously theatrical releases, streaming releases, including DVDs for films widely admired especially for having great influence or significance (circa 2020 or earlier are the requirements).

Rising Filmmaker, Rising Star, Best Film, Best Period/Historical Film, Best Family Film, Best Horror Film, Best Musical Film, Best Socially Conscious Film, Best Documentary, Best Animated Film, Best Short Film, Best VR Film, Best Experimental Film, Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Futuristic Film, Best Student Film, and Best Music Video. Best Producer, Best Director, Best New Director, Best Film Soundtrack, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing. Best Story, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Ensemble Cast, and Rising Star. Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Fashion, Best Male Stunts, and Best Female Stunts.
Promotional Support
Official Press Release will include Award Winners.


The final organization of the 2022 Hollywood Global Film Festival Inc. (herein referenced as "film festival") is ongoing. We expect to have a hybrid film festival with both in person and remote events. Film screenings and film premieres are expected to be finalized by the beginning of September 1, 2022. All guests and participants assume their own risk of attendance.

We are working closely with local, state, and national entities to ensure the safest execution of our film festival.

Anyone attending any in person events either as a guest or as a participant will agree to follow any and all safety guidelines to ensure the safest execution of our film festival.


1. All submissions to the Hollywood Global Film Festival Inc. must be made via FilmFreeway (https://filmfreeway.com/HollywoodGlobalFilmFestival) with the requisite categories selected for consideration.
2. Communication is via email and the FilmFreeway platform.
3. Payment is made in USD.
4. Submission fees are non-refundable.
5. See https://filmfreeway.com/pages/how-it-works for additional details.
6. No erotica; no extreme cinema; no extreme violence; no excessively disturbing content.
7. Completed projects only; no works in progress.


1. Discretions of the film festival on screening and panel discussions.


1. Always select "Best Student Film" for consideration.
2. As applicable select other Categories for Consideration.
3. Student Status: Go to your project page. Then go to files and attachments (upload a copy of your student identification card)
4. Additional Student Verification maybe required if your submission is part of the Film Festival in any form (Example: Registration and Term)


1. Only a single version of the film for online screening by judges and film festival staff is to be submitted via FilmFreeway.
2. Online screeners should be thoroughly tested before submission.
3. No other formats will be accepted.
4. Screeners will not be returned.
5. If the film is non-English; then English Subtitles are required.


Submissions are based on obtaining consent from any required stakeholders and any rights holders whose consent is required for submission to the film festival.


The film festival maintains absolute and sole discretion to reject any submission and to disqualify any film that is not in compliance with film festival terms and conditions, that would constitute a public relations controversy, or may not be in the best interest of the film festival. Further action may be taken to prevent participation of any individual that would not be in the best interest of the film festival or of the guests in attendance.


A combination of Founder, Fan, Critic, and Jury Awards will be given. Not every category will necessarily receive every award type. The quantity and quality of submissions will determine the final awards to be given. Films may receive finalist; however, it may not receive an award or announce a winner in the respective category, it’s the discretion of the film festival to recognize best interest for all participants attending the Awards Gala and Sit-Down Dinner.


Agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of the Hollywood Global Film Festival Inc. stated herein and the Terms & Conditions of FilmFreeway.


California, USA


If any portion of the Terms & Conditions is changed or disregarded because it is unenforceable, the rest of the Terms & Conditions are enforceable.


As the exclusive means of initiating adversarial proceedings to resolve any dispute arising under these Terms & Conditions, a party may demand that the dispute be resolved by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its commercial arbitration rules.