History Film Festival is an international festival of historical documentary films organized by ISTRA FILM.

The Festival is taking place in Rijeka, Croatia.

History Film Festival aims at offering viewers and film experts an insight into contemporary film and TV production of historical documentary films, at the same time providing a place where film professionals can meet and share their creative ideas for future projects.

Festival programme consists of a competition programme and special thematic programmes (presentations of independent and TV productions, screenings of material from film archives, specialized conferences and workshops…)

Official awards at History Film Festival are:

Grand Prix
Best Independent Production Documentary
Best TV Production Documentary
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Composer
Best Production
Audience Award

Winners in the Best Screenplay, Best Independent Production Documentary and Best TV Production Documentary will receive an InkTip Script Listing to promote themselves and their scripts to InkTip’s entire network of producers, managers, and agents.
InkTip: where producers go for scripts and writers

Before submitting, please read the full Festival rules:

Documentary films of all running times, regardless of their year of production, whose main topic is history – historical events and characters, can be entered.
The films for the competition programme can be submitted by directors, independent and TV producers, distributors and national film bodies entitled and authorized for representation and submission of films.

If submitting screening links from Vimeo or Youtube, please ensure that they can be viewed by History Film Festival staff at least until the conclusion of the screening process.

Along with the submission form, the following materials must be submitted also in a digital form:
a brief synopsis of the film in English;
at least 3 photographs from the film (of the quality suitable for press – 300 dpi);
the director's filmography, biography and photo;
promo material (trailer, press packages, posters, etc.)
For translation purposes, an English transcript/dialogue list or external English subtitles must be provided.

For public projections at History Film Festival, secure download of a high-quality projection copy will be requested, unless already provided through the submission platform. The projection format is 1920x1080 resolution, h.264 encoded, preferably above 10Mbit and with external subtitles.
Physical copies can be accepted in special circumstances. Please note that History Film Festival cannot accept DCP format.

EARLY DEADLINE...............15 January 2018
OFFICIAL DEADLINE...........15 February 2018
LATE DEADLINE...................15 March 2018

Submission fees:

a) films up to 60 min………………$20 entry fee (excl. VAT)
b) films over 60 min.........................$40 entry fee (excl. VAT)
films up to 60 min………........ $30 entry fee (excl. VAT)
films over 60 min..................... $50 entry fee (excl. VAT)
films up to 60 min…………..... $50 entry fee (excl. VAT)
films over 60 min...................... $80 entry fee (excl. VAT)

Submission fees are not refundable.

Questions concerning regulations and/or submission forms should be addressed to:
Brdo 7a
HR - 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
Phone: +385 92 1331310
e-mail: info@historyfilmfestival.com
Web: www.historyfilmfestival.com

Overall Rating
  • A unique festival in the world, historical documentaries.

    An excellent organizing by the Festival. We felt like home.

    A great atmosphere among all the directors around the world.

    No doubt, to repeat!


    September 2018
  • kirsten gainet

    I want to thanks History Film Festival. Very nice and kind organization. Thank you very much! I loved this film festival. And will hope to meet in next time!

    September 2018
  • Juan Gamero

    A very warm hospitality with all the filmmakers living in the same hotel: a botel, a ship in the harbour of Rijeka. We made very good friends there and watched films of a great quality. This was the first edition of this festival that promises big success.

    September 2017
    Hff torpedo
    Response from festival:

    Dear Juan, thank you so much for a great review and especially for applying such an amazing film and being a part of our festival's first edition. We hope to host you many more times in the future. Moltes gràcies!

  • Malgorzata Walczak

    Really good Festival. The interesting stories from the world , warm hospitality, independent jury, city with many interesting places to discover, Festival OK!

    September 2017
    Hff torpedo
    Response from festival:

    Dear Mara, thank you for a lovely review! We appreciate it greatly and hopefully Marek and you will participate with more great films in the future.