Himalayan International Film Festival (HIMIFF)

HIMIFF's mission is to contribute to the promotion of the global movement for film festivals across the world by presenting films by talented filmmakers on the subject of the Himalayas.

1. Bring authentic stories from the Himalayas to North American audience.
2. Highlight social and political issues faced by Himalayan people and the diaspora.
3. Create a platform for conversation, education, and exploration of issues that dominate both our social and political rhetoric.
4. Educate the local populace through film screenings and cultural events.
5. Empower young Himalayan filmmakers by providing opportunities, tools, and resources.

A project like this has been long overdue in the North America where there is a bustling community of artists invested in both the geo-political and socio-economic lifestyle of the Tibetans, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Ladakhis and Mongolians. Through this film festival we also hope to create a platform for these artists to showcase their work and share their own experience with the world.

Everybody is welcome to submit to this festival. Through this film festival, we also hope to provide a much needed platform for young Himalayan filmmakers across the globe, and create opportunities to connect with other filmmakers.

Audience Choice (Cash Prize + Trophy)

Winner of Short Film Competition (Cash Prize + Trophy)
Winner of Audience Choice (Trophy)

1. Films must either be made by a Himalayan descent, or be about the Himalayan regions of Gilgit and Baltistan (PoK), Ladakh, Laul Spiti, Uttarkhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh (India), Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.
2. A film must not be longer than 25 mins to qualify for entry.
3. $5 Submission Fee