Kalonism APS organizes the fifth edition of the Hexagon Film Festival, an event aimed at all Italian and foreign directors and filmmakers who have made a short film or a video clip, with the aim of giving visibility to emerging authors and promoting the short film as a language artistic and expressive choice of contemporaneity. The festival will be held online from 23 to 29 October 2023 (for the online phase), with a final evening on 11 November 2023 in Grosseto.

Hexagon Film Festival (name inspired by the hexagonal shape of Grosseto walls and the symbolism linked to the number 6) is a narrative short films festival, of a maximum duration of 20 minutes (including titles), based in the city of Grosseto, the Tuscan Maremma chief town. Direct expression of the city and the professionals that live there, Hexagon Film Festival brings the best of Italian and international short film production to the attention of the public of Grosseto, putting it on the map of film festivals.
Hexagon Film Festival, specialized in narrative cinema (by choice, in contrast with the spread of documentary style), is a contest with live screenings.

Hexagon Film Festival every year awards the Crystal Hexagon to the best short film received, without limitations of genre, theme or technique. Together with it, the organization gives the winner a cash prize to be defined, based on the money collected from the entries.

Among all the short films received, a commission appointed by the Artistic Director of the Festival, after careful evaluation, will select the works that will be able to compete for the final prize. Such works will be accessible to the public for judging, on the official website (www.hexagonfilmfestival.com) via password protected link and will be judged. The 6 most voted short films will be elected finalists of the festival and will be screened live during the final evening. A qualified jury, made up of cinema experts, will decide the absolute winner with an unquestionable and unappealable judgment.
The jury will award the winning work a celebratory artifact, known as a Crystal Hexagon, and a cash prize to be defined.

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  • Jesús Soria

    We could not attend the festival (COVID issue) but we got enought information from the festival by email.

    October 2020