The Heritage in Motion Award recognises innovative multimedia and audiovisual projects which promote, explore or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage, and open up exciting new routes for audiences into heritage collections.

The deadline for the current competition is the 1st of June, 2024. If you require an e-invoice regarding your submission, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at

New developments in multimedia technology and the importance of audiovisual expressions capture a vital role in making cultural heritage accessible to European citizens. The Heritage in Motion Award celebrates unique audiovisual projects and the most innovative European projects in this field.

The Heritage in Motion Award was founded by European Museum Academy (EMA), and since the beginning of 2023, the project is managed jointly by EMA and the International foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures.

If you require further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the same email address,

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Participants compete for prizes in the following four categories:

1) New digital experiences
With a focus on 1. the opportunities given by the new technologies to promote the cultural heritage; 2. the experiential dimension as the distinctive feature of museums, historical places, and cultural heritage sites (for example immersive environments, multimedia installations, interactive spaces)

2) Virtual and Augmented Reality
A new tool for the interpretation, study, promotion, and audience development of heritage sites and cultural institutions (for instance: VR/AR as a tool to explore the museums’ repositories).

3) Heritage audiovisuals
Film, Video, Documentary, Fiction, Animation with a focus on professional audiovisual production on the topics of world/museum cultural heritage

4) Heritage schools
Youth, Schools, Students, Academy with a focus on movies made by youth on the topic of world/museum cultural heritage
High school (15 to 18)
Student (19 to 25)

Please read these Rules & Terms carefully before you submit your film/project. By submitting your film/project into competition in the Heritage in Motion (HIM) you expressly acknowledge and agree that you shall be bound by the terms of these Rules & Terms.

HIM is open to any film/project completed after January 1, 2022, involving any heritage content, subject, or origin. Submitting your film/project to the HIM is not a guarantee of selection. All the official selection, nominees and the winners will be listed on our website permanently. All the winning films/projects will receive a trophy, award or certificate.

The HIM will not refund any fees if the applicant fails to submit the film/project in the correct category. Films/projects submitted without the correct fees or proper submission media may be deemed ineligible at the discretion of the HIM. HIM does not cover any of the expenses incurred by the applicant.

This year's judges: Robin Lutz (coordinator), Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, Amilcar Vargas