The Harvard College Film Festival is the first ever film festival run by Harvard students. The film festival provides students across the globe with an opportunity to create and submit films to be screened, judged by a well-acclaimed panel, and awarded for creative excellence and powerful perspective. The festival will feature multi-day screenings, lectures by judges, networking events, an official after-party, and an awards ceremony. Beyond the goal of sharing students' works, The Harvard College Film Festival seeks to strengthen the global student film community and to provide a dialogue amongst a network of creative and innovative artists through emphasizing the importance and power of storytelling.

The Harvard College Film Festival is only open to students currently enrolled in an undergraduate university in or outside of the U.S. Submitted films must have a running time under 15 minutes.

Students must submit using their college email accounts, so as to ensure they are currently enrolled. Submitted films must have been created while the student was enrolled in college. However, submissions do not have to be films made for coursework. Students may only submit one film to a single category.

The Harvard College Film Festival reserves the right to share all submitted films with approved judges and faculty advisers. By entering a submission, you agree to allow for the possible use of short clips and stills from your film to be used in advertising material. Once a film is selected for the festival, we reserve the right to screen the film and advertise it both online and otherwise. Only one submission will be accepted per person, and the film may only be submitted to one category. If a person does not adhere to the general rules of the festival, we reserve the right to deny the film entry and keep all associated fees. If there are significant changes made to the film between the time of submission and being selected for the festival, please notify the submissions team at