The Happy Valley Animation Festival takes place in State College, PA (Happy Valley) and is an open international animation competition that seeks to showcase animated works in a range of categories. HVAF is screened and exhibited locally and throughout the Pennsylvania State University (University Park) as well as online. We encourage submissions by students, early career, and practicing professional artists, designers, and filmmakers in any of the three categories that include: Animated Short Films, Experimental Animation, and Animated Motion Graphics & Design.

HVAF is a collaboration between organizers and volunteers and is sponsored by the Digital Arts & Media Design (DART) Program and the School of Visual Arts at Penn State, and the Animation Club at Penn State.

Laurel recognition awarded to winner, finalist, and honorable mention in the following categories:

Animated Short Films Under 4 Minutes (Open and Student Categories)
Recognizes Animated Shorts under 4 Minutes that deliver the best style, creativity, and content.

Animated Short Films (Open and Student Categories)
Recognizes Animated Shorts over 4 Minutes that deliver the best style, creativity, and content.

Animated Motion Graphics & Design (Open and Student Categories)
Recognizes Animated Motion Graphics & Design works that deliver the best style, creativity, and content.

Experimental Animation (Open Category)
Recognizes Experimental Animated works that delivers the best style, creativity, and content.

To qualify for the festival, your submission must meet the requirements.

• Your film meets requirements and is no longer than 20 minutes in length, including end credits. End credits are not required.
• You provide any related content warning including—but not limited to—any instances of profanity, nudity, violence, etc. These instances will not hinder your chances of qualifying.
• Limit of two submissions per director, artist, designer, or collaborative team per category.
• No revision will be accepted once your film has been submitted.
• When you submit your film, you agree to these terms & conditions.

It is expected that directors/submitters hold all of the respective rights required for their film before submitting. This includes all music, sound effects, product placement, actor/model release forms, etc. Directors without these rights will not be able to screen or exhibit their films.

Overall Rating
  • Some time back, I became disoriented off I-80 looking for Punxsutawney and stumbled upon State College, near Penn State, emerging from the morning mist, with the song of seraphim penetrating my noisy Wankel rotary engine - and lo, there was a festival, not just a festival, I thought, but THE festival, putting the FEST in its name. Cavorting, frolics, and scampering permeated the entire environs, and I followed the trail of punched sprockets to revel in the visual treats of the Happiest of Happy Valleys - and - and - they had PIE - ok, it was at a food truck near Jersey Mike's subs, but it was still PIE. Oh. Sorry. A bit off-track here. I later submitted a film for their consideration, and it came to pass that FLUTE SOLO, one of a series of Sfumata from my teeny tiny studio, made the cut! It now can join the happy collective of jaunty souls and punched sprockets and yr hmbl typst could not be happier. Submit and be HAPPY with HAPPY VALLEY ANIMATION FESTIVAL.

    April 2024
  • Thanks for including my short on The fest, i would love to be told The screening/projection date and Time but ITS nice yo know that my job were part of this fest. Thanks HVAF team

    April 2024
  • Diek Grobler

    A lovely festival. Happy to have been part of it.

    April 2024
  • Qing Sheng Ang

    Submission and screening materials were communicated clearly and made simple. Thank you for selecting my film!

    April 2023
  • Pejman Alipour

    this festival is very good and great... I am glad that I was the part of hvaf...thanks for everythings..

    May 2022