The indie erotic film festival for EVERY body!
HUMP! is a lovingly curated festival of short erotic films made by real people for real people. The filmmakers and stars show us hot and sexy, creative and kinky, ultimate turn-ons and craziest fantasies. Our program is a cornucopia of body types, shapes, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes—all united by a shared spirit of sex-positivity. HUMP! will shock you. HUMP! will make you laugh. HUMP! will turn you on.

Award categories include Best Sex, Best Kink, Best Humor, & Best in Show! In addition to the award categories, HUMP! will share a portion of all ticket revenue with filmmakers who make it into the festival.

Welcome amateur filmmakers, hotties, kinksters, regular folks, and all other creative types. HUMP! Films can be live action, animated, kinky, vanilla, straight, gay, lez, bi, trans, genderqueer, anything goes at HUMP! (Well, almost anything: No poop, no animals, no minors.)

Your HUMP! film should run between 2-3 minutes long. (5 minutes max.) Most films that make it into HUMP! are between 2-3 minutes long. It’s rare that a 4-5 minute film makes it into HUMP! Increase your chances of getting into HUMP! by submitting a shorter film.

Whether using your phone or a video camera, make sure you are recording in 1080p.
If using a phone, please shoot horizontally in landscape mode and not vertically!
Preferred file formats are .mp4 or .mov, but we can accommodate others if needed.
We can accommodate most frame rates.

For You Advanced Filmmakers:
24 frames per second is preferred (but can also work with 23.98 or 29.97)
Audio: 48k, 16 bit, Stereo
Codec either Apple Pro Res or H264
PREFERRED EXPORT: 1920×1080 * 24 frames per second * h.264 video file

There is no limit on how many films you are allowed to submit.

All submissions for the 2025 festival are due no later than December 6TH 2024 by 11:59 Pacific Time.

Any technical difficulty with these instructions: contact