Experience the Hollywood North International Film Festival, where short films have the opportunity to transcend boundaries and become captivating feature films. Our festival is a vibrant celebration of cinema and storytelling, attracting talented filmmakers, industry professionals, and passionate film enthusiasts from around the globe. We provide a prestigious platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work and connect with a diverse global audience.
Located in Vancouver, also known as Hollywood North, our film festival offers a unique opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their short films in live screenings.

Be part of the excitement at the Hollywood North film festival! The grand prize awaits the overall best film, with a $1000 cash reward and the incredible opportunity to have your short film transformed into a feature film once a distributor is secured. Submit your film today and watch your dream become a reality!

Additionally, selected short films will have the honor of being part of the official selection. These films will be showcased in a live screening at the prestigious Bosa Theatre, located at Capilano University in North Vancouver. Join us for this unforgettable event and witness the magic of cinema come to life.

We are thrilled to announce an exciting incentive for the winner of the Best Short Film Award at the Hollywood North International Film Festival. The recipient of this prestigious award will have the unique opportunity to have their short film produced into a feature film by our festival's local production company. Please note that the following stipulations and disclaimers apply:

Distribution and Production:
The opportunity is contingent upon securing distribution for the feature film project within a reasonable timeframe.
The production of the feature film will commence within 24 months after the distribution is successfully attached.

Minimum Entry Requirement:
In order to activate this incentive, a minimum of 100 entries must be received for the festival.

Production Timeline:
The feature film should be capable of being shot within a 15-day production period.
Post-production, including editing, sound design, and visual effects, is expected to be completed within 3 months.

Equipment Sponsorship:
If the festival successfully secures equipment sponsorship, it will be made available for the production of the feature film, subject to availability and agreement with the sponsor.

Film Duration:
The feature film should have a duration between 60 to 90 minutes.
Festival Approval and Co-Production:

The festival retains the right to have final approval over the final cut of the feature film, ensuring that it aligns with the festival's vision and values.
The festival acts as a co-production partner, contributing resources, expertise, and support throughout the production process.

Non-Obligation Clause:
While every effort will be made to produce the winning short film into a feature film, the festival is not obligated to proceed with the production for any known or unknown reasons that may arise, including but not limited to unforeseen circumstances or creative considerations.

It is important to note that these stipulations and disclaimers are in place to protect the interests of both the festival and the winning filmmaker. They ensure a fair and transparent process while accounting for potential factors that may impact the production of the feature film. We are committed to providing an enriching experience for the winning filmmaker and producing a high-quality feature film that showcases their talent.

We encourage all participating filmmakers to submit their short films for a chance to win this incredible opportunity. The Hollywood North International Film Festival looks forward to celebrating exceptional talent and fostering the growth of emerging filmmakers through this exciting incentive.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or require additional clarification. We appreciate your understanding and participation in our festival.

- Hollywood NIFF will only be accepting submissions in the short film category and not in the features categories.
-Short films are defined as films under 40 minutes in duration.
-Films must have been completed on or after January 1, 2020, to be eligible for consideration.
-Submissions in languages other than English must include English subtitles in the submitted screener.
-Short films are eligible regardless of regional premiere requirements, television broadcast history, and online availability.
-Submissions are accepted exclusively via the FilmFreeway secure online screener system.
-Multiple entries are allowed, each accompanied by an official entry form and fee.
-The entry fee is non-refundable.
-Limited fee waivers are available for BC students, requiring a valid student number from their institute.
-Films must be submitted in high-resolution digital format. We would love a 2K ProRes 422 .MOV. But any MOV, MP4, H.264 or AVI works for us. The higher resolution the better, but please keep max resolution of 2K (that’s the resolution we are projecting).
-Submission is not complete until a secure online screener is submitted.
-Notification of the status of all submissions will be sent to the submission contact email address
-Due to the high number of submissions, feedback cannot be provided on individual entries.
-Selected film entries grant Hollywood NIFF the rights to use footage, stills, titles, and information for promotional purposes.
-Submitted films must be free from any legal disputes, and the filmmaker must have obtained all necessary rights for music and exhibition.
-If selected for screening, additional materials such as press kits, trailers, and promotional materials may be required.
-Once the entry form is signed and submitted, accepted films cannot be withdrawn from the competition.
-Hollywood NIFF reserves the right to make changes to festival information without notice.
-By submitting a film, you grant Hollywood NIFF 2023 all necessary rights to exhibit and promote the film at the festival. You represent that the exhibition does not violate any rights and that you have the authority to submit the film. You also indemnify the Hollywood North International Film Festival against any claims related to the screening of the film. Finally, you confirm that you have read and agree to the General Rules and Regulations for submissions to Hollywood NIFF 2023.