The Stars Hollywood Festival aims to promote and disseminate international cinema, establishing itself as a place of annual gathering for world cinema talents and professionals.

An international festival where industry live audiences and critics around a selection of the best in the world. International releases creative talents of the great films of auteur cinema, contemporary, the presence of large number of emerging talents, a defender for the youngest film, film support budget and above all assured that today More than ever, a film festival can be useful to the public, to films and filmmakers.

The main focus of the festival consists of several competitive sections feature films, documentaries, short films and non-fiction film. The other main axis consists of special screenings, tributes and retrospectives, with the aim of providing a comprehensive view of international cinema. Also, the festival hosts every year nominations for Academy Film Awards.

Cinema greats will be honored, legendary figures of Hollywood and international films to disseminate what is the great art of cinema.

With a great success of call, Hollywood Festival never loses sight of maintaining closeness and complicity with it, its activities extend beyond films.

Aware of the importance of the Internet, the festival accepts jobs worldwide, in order to provide global coverage to filmmakers

The Statute of the Festival with the name of the film and the producer.

1. Stars Hollywood Festival is open to creations from anywhere in the world and is open to the participation of films, producers, distributors, actors, technicians, artistic team, composers, media and young talents from anywhere of the
world. All the filmmakers of all the world will be accepted.
2. Any production like films or short films and various audiovisual works made in any year and any language will be accepted, the work must be presented by their creators, in the case of not being presented by its creator must have the permission of that. It is not necessary that the works are subtitled.
3. It is necessary that the participants in the works to send us a trailer for your work in
4. To provide greater coverage of the festival, will be held so Online but the work will
not be exposed on the Internet, only in the event of winning, at the Gala to be held so
Online a short sequence of the winning film will appear to was taken from the trailer
presented, as well as data director and / or producer of the work, the film full name,
country of origin and the information that may be required on the work that was
5. The registration of works will be announced on the festival website with the Sufisufficient advance and to find out this information, participants will have access to the web
The organization reserves the right to modificate registration for the festival dates, dates online event, registration fees or fee, etc.
6. Do not be admitted works that have not registered on the platform of the festival
dates and corresponding form, or will be admitted works that have been censored or
potentially demeaning in some way or incite violent behavior.
6. The organization reserves the right to withdraw all material Festival that is offensive,
defective or does not reflect the spirit of the Festival.
7. The material to enroll can be designed and realized in any international language,
and it must have been published to date announced on our website, in the sections on
conditions participation. Entries made by someone other than the producer should
have the authorization.
8. Entries will be canceled only if received in writing notification through the mail
9. The proposed organization reserves the right, at its own initiative or Jury, to make
changes to subdivide category or if any of them so sees fit. The organization will have
full voice and vote for selection of special prizes.
10. Registration may be made through the event enabled platform.
11. The creator who has been the winner must send with your piece, a trailer for his
film, as well as technical site with all its specifications.
12. No films or short films whose messages have been accepteddeclared illegal by the
courts or self-regulatory bodies or will enter messages contest that have no relation
with the theme of this festival.
13. When a movie or short film is worthy of award, the organization may claim the
creation certification or creator of the work.
16. Will descalificate, and if deprived of their awards, any participant breach the
provisions of these conditions.
17. Prizes will be awarded by a jury composed of different professionals from the film
world, communication and production, which will be announced on the festival website
with advance time having a say in special awards organization and honorary,
attempt to communicate with members of our jury being completely forbidden.
18. A winner will be stripped of his prize or award if violate basic rules of the festival,
not credit authoring work . This not having consent of the creator to present their work,
attempt to communicate with the jury, head of a disrespectful way to the organization,
19. In order to give maximum publicity to the movies, may submit their pieces from any country in the world.

Overall Rating
  • First time submitting and the Communication was great.

    February 2018
  • Charles Mawungwa

    The communication was almost non existent, the website on film freeway was not functional. The one on google was last updated two years ago.

    February 2018
  • Andre Campbell

    Wonderful, wonderful I can't wait to shoot another film to enter it.

    February 2018
  • proper ginko

    I thank you very much indeed for liking my film and giving me and awards oto submit another film in the next future

    February 2018