Welcome to the Horror Movie Freaks Film Festival. Our first year was a hit! So this time we are planning to step up our game even more. In 2019 we plan to go with TWO nights, and also accept feature films! We hope to have a few filmmakers in attendance for the Best NC Film award, and may have a few vendors to browse during the breaks. We can't wait to see what the indie world has to offer for the next HMF Film Fest, so please come out and join us!!!

A little bit about us: All of us at HMF have been huge horror fans all of our lives, and three years ago we decided to start a little site called Horror Movie Freaks. Since that day we have grown into a large online community consisting of a website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We have a loyal fan base across the board with a combined following over 20,000 strong. We owe a lot of our popularity to being huge supporters of indie filmmaking. So we wanted to take steps to give back, and create an avenue to get filmmakers the credit they deserve!

Our goal with hosting this festival is to help get more focus on the indie and short film side of Horror. There is so much original, and amazing content coming from the indie world that its truly mind blowing.

The films will be shown to a live audience, and after that, the awards ceremony will be streaming live to our followers.

Good luck to all the filmmakers! We hope to see you all at the 2019 HMF Film Festival!!!!

The winners of the 2018 HMF Film Fest:

Best Actor - Tristan McKinnon for Alfred J. Hemlock
Best Actress - Karis Cameron for The Whistler
Best Director - Itai Guberman for Ivy
Best Cinematography - Guillaume Simonin for Caducea
Best VFX - Apollyon
Best SFX - Kiss the Devil in the Dark
Best Foreign Film - Caducea
Best Super Short - Gruss Vom Kranpus
Best NC Film - The Corner
Best Film - The Whistler
FREAKS Choice - Gruss Vom Krampus

Official Selections will be announced on Sept. 1st 2019. Selections will be promoted throughout the HMF network until the event on Fri. Oct 4th & Sat. Oct. 5th 2019.

Awards for this event will be given out for the following:

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Super Short
Best NC Film
Best Foreign Film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Writer
Best Cinematography
Best SFX
Best VFX

Freaks Choice will be awarded to the film with the most votes by the audience. All others will be awarded by our panel of judges.
Freaks Choice

Super Shorts any film under 5 minutes
Shorts any film under 45 minutes
Feature any film over 45 minutes
All films must be based in the horror genre.
International films are welcome, but please at least have English subtitles.
If submitting in DVD format, please note that DVDs will not be returned.

Overall Rating
  • Stephen Wolfe

    Thanks again for having Dracula's Coffin be an official selection and award winner at this year's festival! Communication was great!

    November 2019
  • JoeBert Entertainment

    We were glad to be part of the Horror Movie Freaks Film Fest. Communication with the festival was great. Thank you for the Best Writer win, we truly appreciate it.

    November 2019
  • I had a great time attending this festival! In addition to hanging out with some friends and collaborators, I was able to do some networking too and even went home with a few awards. The managers of this festival were very attentive to issues and making the best experience possible. I'd highly recommend submitting to HMF!

    October 2019
  • Cynthia Bergen

    Thank you! For the Official Selection The Death Cleaners. Keep up the good work supporting Indie Films in Horror. Cynthia Bergen #nosleepfilms

    October 2019
  • Really bummed I couldn't make it out, I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Horror Movie Freaks. Definitely looking forward to submitting my next short to them and attending next go-round!

    October 2019