Handle Climate Change Film Festival (HCCFF) 2023 is now calling for entries from all over the world. HCCFF is a leading film festival in China focusing on climate change. Taking place on Octorber, in Shenzhen, China, HCCFF is hosted by Chinese official and academic institutes. We sincerely invite anyone interested in the film festival to submit proposals or films online or by post.

All films for the contest during Handle Climate Change Film Festival 2023 (short for HCCFF) must meet the following conditions:

1. All entries for the HCCFF contest must be original works produced independently by the entrant or team, and subject to approval for the contest by original producer or team.

2. All entries for the HCCFF contest must contain no content of pornography, violence or racial discrimination, and be consistent with national laws and regulations and customs of various ethnic groups. This article is subject to the interpretation by the HCCFF evaluation team.

3. The entrants must have the copyright on their submitted films, and guarantee that the music, video images, creative texts and other elements contained in the works are copyrighted or their submission is approved by copyright owner. Plagiarizing and copying are prohibited, and subject to definition by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant regulations. The entrant shall be held accountable for any consequence and legal liability arising from disputes or controversies concerning copyright.

4. The works for the HCCFF contest are not restricted by genre, theme, form and region, with a strong preference for films completed after August 2021 and never been submitted to HCCFF before . Global documentary production agencies, broadcast media, documentary producers are encouraged to submit for the contest which are consistent with the topics of climate change, environmental protection, science & technology exploration and social documentary or the public service announcements on environmental protection.

5. Requirements for film length: long film (more than 20 min.); short film (20 min. or less); serial film (program) refers to the film composed of several episodes, with content consistent and connected on the whole, but independent of each other.

6. Non-Chinese language film submissions can include embedded Chinese or English subtitles in accordance with actual situation. Those films that are not in Chinese or English must be subtitled in English. The full copy of the text subtitled should be sent to the Organizing Committee.

7. The entrants are not required to pay for registration and later evaluation of their films, but have to bear the postage for delivery of their works.

8. All entrants must comply with all rules specified by the HCCFF’s organizing committee, and provide assistance in arrangement of the HCCFF activities.

Overall Rating
  • Serena Aurora

    Very honoured to have been selected as a winner for this lovely festival.

    November 2022
  • Jamila Janna

    This is an important festival and it was an honour to be a part of it!!!

    November 2021
  • Christoph Pohl

    Greatly honored to have received the Gold Award for the film Ever Slow Green. Thank you so much for all your support.

    December 2020
  • awards not sent

    reply to emails. they do not

    September 2019