The "Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival" is an event intended to serve as an international showcase for films of various types and gender, in order to promote and spread the art, auteur and experimental films that are not released in cinemas playhouses, to foster dialogue between different experiences and to create a meeting point for the support of cinema culture.

Best Feature Film;
Best Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Screenplay "Elvio Porta Prize"
Festival Special Mentions

Films from all nations will be considered only if they have:
- English and Italian subtitles
- for Feature Films a minimum length of 60 minutes (excluded are works already projected in any movie theater or who have had a distribution in Italy or abroad)
- for Short Films a length of 30 minutes or less
- for Animation Films a lenght of 30 minutes or less
- for Documentary a length of 60 minutes or less
- for Short Documentary a length of 30 minutes or less

Works that have already been screened at other festivals or distributed over the internet will also be accepted.
If a film is selected, screening formats allowed are: mov, h264, mpeg4. Other formats must be approved by the Festival Programming Office. No rental fees will be paid for this section.

In case of selection, materials must be sent as following to the email address: or

• The film and the Trailer of the film for promotional purposes with English and Italian subtitles, mov, h264, mpeg4 formats;:
• Film synopsis in English and Italian.
• Director’s biography in English and Italian (min 400/max 500 characters, spaces included).
• Director’s filmography (list of titles and years of production) in English and Italian.
• Director’s statement in English and Italian.
• Photographic documentation with publishing authorization: 2 images of the film in JPEG format (for promotion on the web); Each photo should be labelled with the film title and a number (e.g. film_title1.jpg; film_title2.jpg).

The photos will be published in colour on the Festival website and in black and white on the Festival catalogue. It is possible to send both colour and black and white versions of the photos.

Overall Rating
  • Camille Laloux

    I couldn't attend to the festival but we exchange by emails and all I have to say it that it was a nice and professional connexion I'm glad to have made ! Thank you Gulf of Naples Infdependent Film Festival !

    July 2017
  • Roberto Pansini

    A great and beautiful initiator, in the city of Naples, a pride for us aer personally to the event.
    We congratulate the organizers and invite them to continue with their independent film festival... see you soon

    May 2017
    Response from festival:

    Grazie Roberto
    se mi mandi una mail e l'indirizzo a cui mandarti il premio te lo spedirò al più presto....

  • Heaven Kid

    This is indeed a great film festival. Not only is the organization perfect, but the service is wonderful as well. We enjoyed being part of it.

    May 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your comment ... I hope to have you in the next edition with another beautiful your work.
    Send us your e-mail for direct contact.

  • Valentin Pittard

    Organisators were really nice with everyone. The ambiance was cool. I think the problem is the location of the festival, too small room. And the communication of the event, I think they don't promote enough the festival in Naples, cause there were really few audience, the more I saw was like 20 people.
    But it was a nice place to meet great filmmakers !

    May 2016
    Response from festival:

    We have done a lot of promotion but when you're starting you should always take into account that the new and the unknown always has a soft impact on the public . But after this edition we were quoted in many newspapers and many local TV we received many proposals for collaborations and we are negotiating for much wider and prestigious locations. Follow us, and see what's news! Thanks for your opinion and we hope to meet you in the next edition.