The ‘Grit ‘N’ Grime Genre Film Fest’ is a film festival all about promoting the best in Horror, Sci-Fi, Western, and other underground film genres. We want to champion low budget, creative filmmaking that breaks all the rules and frankly doesn’t give a damn. We are a festival for the rebels, the outcasts, the ones that think differently.

Accepted film genres:
Martial Arts
Dark Comedy

Best Student Film
Best Genre Film
Audience Choice
Best Poster (top 3 shown on night)

Films must be between 1-20 minutes long.
Films must have been completed after 2021.
Entry fees are non refundable.
Multiple entries are accepted.
Any foreign film that is not in english must have subtitles.
If selected, foreign films must submit a screener of the film with subtitles at the top of the screen (this is due to the location and position of the seating and screen).
In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
In order to submit to student category, you must have a student ID from accredited university or high school.