The festival is to build a supportive platform for Christians involved in the production and distribution of media in Africa.

ON BEHALF of my team, I want to welcome you to the Gospel Film Festival. I must say that it is very difficult to pull this magnitude of event through because of our enormous challenges but determination has been the watch word, while Grace and Favor has been our companion.
I saw firsthand how Christian Film makers are stepping up to fill a vital need right now. Their vision is much greater and far-reaching than most people realize. The digitalization of media is bringing a massive flood of new young Christian filmmakers on the scene.
The Bad news about the Christian Film makers in Nigeria is that we have a very long way to go. And the good news? We have the energy, determination and courage to go all the way……………thank God. ...Faranpojo Olaitan, GoFestive Director

Cinematography, Editing, Best Directing, Art Direction, Production Management

We only accept Christian films.