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The Golden Short Film Festival rewards the best and most outstanding short films from around the globe. We consider the art of filming an essential component of our lives and encourage works that use powerful narration in order to create a unique vision. The cinema as a tool of fiction relies on an easy, central assertion: to tell is to feel empathic. There is no story to tell without the "Other". Because the audience empathizes with the characters, within the vast universe of all the stories that can be invented, he/she can experience those patterns of emotions that otherwise would be lost.

The Golden Short Film Festival is a three-month contest repeated four times for one year, dedicated to finding those remarkable works that may otherwise be overlooked or snubbed. We accept short films of all genres. Our mission is to encourage and support filmmakers throughout the world in order to provide the recognition they deserve.

All the quarter winners are nominated, awarded, and honored on our website and will receive certificates along with exclusive laurel and dedicated promotion. Every submission can also add additional categories, increasing the chances to become multi-award-winning. The overall winner will be awarded live during the ceremony at the stunning city of Avezzano in July 2023.

⭐ Golden Short Film
⭐ Golden Animated Short
⭐ Golden Documentary Short
⭐ Golden Student Short
⭐ Golden Experimental Short
⭐ Golden Drama Short
⭐ Golden Sci-Fi Short
⭐ Golden Comedy Short
⭐ Golden Horror Short
⭐ Golden Thriller Short
⭐ Golden Romance Short
⭐ Golden Director
⭐ Golden Screenplay
⭐ Golden Producer
⭐ Golden Actress
⭐ Golden Actor
⭐ Golden Editing
⭐ Golden Cinematography
⭐ Golden Soundtrack
⭐ Golden Music Video

All genres are accepted with a maximum length of 40 minutes.
The Festival committee will notify submitters in 48 Hours.
The Festival committee will provide a free scorecard.
Scorecards are only for short film categories.
​Scorecards will be obtained according to objective criteria.
Scorecards are not necessarily related to the jury's final decision. 
The jury will assign the awards for each competitive section.
All decisions of the jury are final.
All quarter winners compete for the overall Golden Awards in July 2023.
The overall Golden Short Film winner receives an exclusive trophy.
Any foreign films must include English subtitles.
All fees are non-refundable.
Students must present their valid Student ID.
GSFF can use short's material for promotional purposes.
GSFF will not release, under any circumstances, the full short film.
Submitters must own all the rights of the short film. 
Submitters cannot withdraw the work after the official selection.
Not all submissions received are selected for GSFF.
Multiple entries are allowed.
GSFF has no obligation to disclose information about the committee.
Submitters must be 18 years of age or older.
All work's ownership and rights remain with the original holders.
GSFF reserve the right to refuse inappropriate works.
GSFF has the right to add, change, or delete guidelines at any time.​


📣 EARLYBIRD DEADLINE: February, 22/2023 - $10
📣 REGULAR DEADLINE: March, 22/2023 - $15
📣 LATE DEADLINE: April, 24/2023 - $20

Overall Rating
  • Αλέξανδρος Θεοδωρίδης

    Surely it was an amazing exprerience

    January 2023
  • Roman Stolyar

    I am so proud that my music for our film "Postcards from Mostar" is being a finalist of the Golden Short Festival in the Golden Soundtrack category! Deep thanks to the festival!

    January 2023
  • Franco Nannucci

    Great festival and fantastic experience ! We will be back soon with more work

    January 2023
  • Maxi Estomba

    Thank you very much to the GOLDEN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL for awarding my beloved short film "PINGÜINO" as the best drama short film.
    Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina. Abrazos a todxs! Viva el cine!

    January 2023
  • Andrew Horne

    Fantastic festival, can't wait to return.

    January 2023