****************IMDB listed Film Festival**************

More and more often we hear the expression 'the new normal' and whether we like it or not it also affects our film industry. Movies are finding their ways to VOD platforms, on TVs and mobile devices. With aching heart we are witnessing how cinemas are closing their doors after losing the battle against social distancing, stay at home and lack of economical support. Film Festivals are no exception and we learn to adapt to the new circumstances.
Golden Reel International Film Festival, born from filmmakers for filmmakers, is a bi-monthly online competition. We partnered up with https://opprime.tv/ to honor the filmmakers. OPPRIME.tv is a VOD platform that gives the award winning filmmakers the chance to showcase and monetize their awarded films (*). OPPRIME.tv is free for filmmakers.

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(*) non applicable for acting showreels nor musical videos

Winners will have the chance to be part of the VOD platform OPPRIME.tv(*). Winners and Honorable Mentions will receive our laurels and achievement certificate. Nominees, finalists, semi-finalists and official selections will receive our laurels .

Submission Categories
- Micro Film
- Short Film
- Featurette Film
- Feature Length Projects
- Mobile Film
- Acting Showreel
- Musical Video
- Documentary
- Focused category will vary every month.

Judging will be based on, included but not limited to, categories bellow

Best Micro Film
Best Short Film
Best Featurette Film
Best Feature Film
Best Mobile Film
Best Musical Video
Best Documentary

including their sub genres and technical awards

(*) non applicable to acting showreels nor musical videos.

Please read carefully before submitting.

We strongly recommend to have the full press kit uploaded on FilmFreeway especially the poster and the trailer. The festival will not chase the filmmaker to upload it. It is filmmaker's responsibility to have the material prepared.

We have 4 categories for Narrative Films divided by length:

Micro Films up to 5 minutes,
Short Films up to 25 minutes
Featurette Films up to 45 minutes
Feature Films Above 45

we also have additional categories
Mobile Shorts up to 20 minutes
Animation Films up to 45 minutes
Acting Showreels up to 5 minutes
Musical Videos up to 10 minutes
Short documentaries up to 45 minutes.

Every edition we open what we call "focused category" that will have a specific topic such as festive season, covid-19, human rights etc... where accepted length is up to 120 minutes.

The works can be from any year and no premiere is required. We allow films that have been premiered, are available online and/or have commercial distribution. We understand and encourage filmmakers to showcase their work.

Films must have a resolution of 1080p or higher. For competition is allowed also 720p but in case of getting awarded it won't be eligible to upload it to OPPRIME.tv due to the platform's regulations.

Multiple entries are allowed (although not encouraged) and every entry must be accompanied by non-refundable fee.

The festival does not pay screening fees.

All films must have English subtitles unless the films produced are in English language.

By submitting to our festival you agree to allow us to use the material provided, film(s) and press kit, by uploading it to our social platforms for marketing and promotional purposes included but not limited to screening and sharing contact details (*2) with OPPRIME.tv. If you do not wish to exhibit your material nor upload your films to OPPRIME.tv (which implies sharing contact details with OPPRIME.tv) please DO Not submit to this Festival.

Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry to the Festival and to use all music, images and content in the entry. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Festival, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, and expenses (included but not limited to attorney's fees and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits and publicity.

If a film is selected and/or awarded, the Festival will update the judging status on the submitting platform. The Festival DOES NOT provide feedback or screening notes to entries that are not selected. The judging status is final. No inquiries or arguments will be entertained regarding non-selected films.

By submitting to this Festivals you agree to all rules and terms of this Festival.

(*) if any member of the jury is either producer either director is not allowed to compete. If any member of the jury is part of a film in other role, cast or crew, that film is accepted in the festival but the jury member's role is not eligible for award.
(*2) sharing contact details affects exclusively the award winning filmmakers eligible to be distributed with OPPRIME.tv Micro Films, Short Films, Featurette Films, Animation Films, Mobile Films and Documentaries.

Overall Rating
  • Inspiring event. Thank you Golden Reel for the Award!

    April 2022
  • Thank you for the wins! We are so thrilled.

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    We were very honored with your participation.

  • Thank you for all you did to make this festival such a success. Your team worked very hard. And you impressed us all. I highly recommend this festival. And I was honored to receive the awards you presented us. Thank you. #TheEdgeOfAdventure #AdamAsher

    April 2022
  • Pamela PerryGoulardt

    A fun festival. So glad I entered my SHORT FILM "The Most Wary, Secretive, Jaguar Ever!" which was a semi-finalist. Thank you Golden Reel!

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    We are very grateful for your support.

  • Great festival where you can feel the honest film, great atmosphere. I am very glad that the film SEVEN THOUSAND SOULS was the second best film of the festival and won four more awards. Thank you very much for that. The communication is excellent. The social network works perfectly. I wish you a lot of success in your future work. I hope that one day I will personally participate in the festival. Keep up the great work and stay healthy, Sanjin Miric

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Sanjin. SEVEN THOUSAND SOULS is an extraordinary film. If you haven't done yet we strongly encourage you to send it to prestigious festivals.