is a film awarding ceremony dedicated to the promotion of independent filmmakers from all over the world, in association with the International Film Festival Community (IFFC) established in Tokyo in 2020.

We aim to celebrate independent films with any genre or any duration, by selecting and awarding the artistry and creativity of independent filmmakers from all over the world, which is likened to “Golden Harvest”.

As we ourselves are also filmmakers and understand how hard it is to make a film, appreciating the time, work and effort you have taken, except for those we deem overly violent, abusive, thoughtless or outrageous without the respect for human rights or animal rights.

Our independent jury evaluates the officially selected films and the award winners will be decided according to the evaluations thereby. We give an award to those rated by our jury higher than a certain mark since the purpose of our film festival is to promote indie filmmakers. We hold an annual screening for chosen award winners in spring.

• Best Short Film
• Best Feature Film
• Best Documentary Film
• Best Animation Film
• Best Drama
• Best Comedy
• Best Thriller
• Best Sci-Fi
• Best Action
• Best Experimental
• Best Music Video
• Jury Special Award
• Honorable Mention
No prize money involved.

- All genres and durations are accepted.
- Anyone from any country or as any status (filmmaker, student or distributor) can submit.
- We do not set age limitation of film.
- You must have all the proper clearances and rights to submit your film.
- Those which we deem overly violent, abusive, thoughtless or outrageous without the respect for human rights or animal rights will be disqualified.
- Those which we deem obscene or overly sexual will be disqualified.
- Those which we deem overly religious or political propaganda will be disqualified.
- Films in non-English languages must have English subtitles.
- All the rights related to the submitted film must belong to the applicant.
- We only accept online screeners via FilmFreeway for the selection process.
- Judging decisions are final and applicants will not receive judging comments.
- By submitting, you agree to allow us to use the materials such as trailers, posters, images etc for the purpose of advertising your film and our events, and to share them with our partner festivals for promotional purposes.
- Submissions are deemed to be offers for screening. If we choose one for screening, that is the acceptance which forms a mutual agreement to screen unless it is withdrawn explicitly.
- Once officially selected, it cannot be withdrawn from the festival program during the event.
- All the paid fees are non-refundable for any reasons.
- Withdrawn films are considered to be disqualified.
- All the shipping costs of the award-winning film, if any, must be borne by the applicant.
- Still photos and a brief synopsis (and a poster and a trailer if possible) should be added to the project for the film’s promotional purpose.
- The person(s) or the company submitting a film shall indemnify and hold harmless Golden Harvest Film Festival and its agents and associates from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to any projects and/or materials submitted to Golden Harvest Film Festival.
- The person(s) or the company submitting a film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.
- We reserve the right to add, modify, or discard rules and terms, if needed, as needed, at any time, at its sole discretion, with or without notification.

- 本映画祭が定める人権・動物愛護基準に適合した作品は、オフィシャルセレクションの対象となります。
- ジャンルや上映時間は問いません。
- 応募資格は、映画製作者、学生、配給会社など、国や立場を問いません。
- 年齢制限はありません。
- 作品の応募には、作品応募の適切なクリアランスと権限が必要です。
- 過度に暴力的、虐待的、軽率、人権や動物愛護を無視した非道な作品と判断したものは失格となります。
- わいせつ、過度に性的と判断したものは失格となります。
- 過度に宗教的、政治的なプロパガンダとみなされるものは失格となります。
- 英語以外の言語による作品には、必ず英語字幕を付けてください。
- 応募作品に関する全ての権利は応募者に帰属しなければなりません。
- 選考はFilmFreeway経由のオンラインスクリーナーのみ受け付けます。
- 審査決定は最終的なものであり、応募者に対する審査コメントは行いません。
- 応募することにより、応募者は予告編、ポスター、画像などの素材を、応募作品および当映画祭のイベントの宣伝のために使用すること、また宣伝のために提携映画祭と共有することに同意するものとします。
- 作品応募は上映のオファーとみなされます。私たちが上映のために作品を選んだ場合、それが受諾となり、明確に撤回されない限り、上映のための相互合意を形成します。
- 一旦正式決定された作品は、開催期間中に映画祭プログラムから辞退することはできません。
- 支払われた参加料は、理由の如何を問わず返金できません。
- 辞退された作品は失格とみなされます。
- 受賞作品の送料が発生する場合は、すべて応募者の負担となります。
- 作品のプロモーションのため、スチール写真と簡単なあらすじ(可能であればポスターと予告編も)をプロジェクトに追加してください。
- 作品を応募する個人または企業は、著作権、商標、クレジット、パブリシティ、上映、当映画祭に応募されたプロジェクトおよび/または素材の損失または損害に関わるクレームにより発生する可能性のある、あらゆるクレーム、責任、損失、損害、費用(弁護士費用、裁判費用を含むがこれに限定されない)から、当映画祭およびその代理人および関係者を免責するものとします。
- 作品を提出する個人または企業は、上映のために作品を委託する権限を有し、これらの要件および規定を理解し、承諾することをここに保証します。
- 弊社は、通知の有無にかかわらず、独自の裁量で、必要に応じて、いつでも規則および規約を追加、修正、または破棄する権利を留保します。

Overall Rating
  • G-Hey Kim

    It was my first time to submit my film to a film festival in Japan. It was great. I recommend this film festival.

    May 2024
  • Pedro Gomes

    I was particularly impressed by the dedication and passion of the festival organizers in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for filmmakers from all backgrounds. The feedback and support I received for my work were invaluable, and I left the festival feeling motivated and inspired to continue pursuing my creative endeavors.

    Thank you once again for this unforgettable experience. I look forward to the opportunity to participate in future editions of the Golden Harvest Festival.

    Warm regards,

    Pedro Gomes

    May 2024
  • Our documentary "Body World" was awarded "Best Documentary" at the GOLDEN HARVEST FILM FESTIVAL. It's wonderful to see a festival that truly values the artistry and ingenuity of independent filmmakers worldwide, providing a platform for smaller productions to shine and be acknowledged. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all filmmakers honored at the festival and express our gratitude for the fantastic collaboration. Here's to the continued success of both filmmakers and the festival alike. Thank you for the great partnership!

    April 2024
  • I'm delighted to have landed an Honourable Mention at the Golden Harvest Film Festival. Sadly, I was unable to attend in person but I would very much like to change that next year. Very glad I participated and would recommend it to anyone interested in showing their work in Japan. Top marks all round.

    April 2024
  • Mohammad H. Majdzadeh T.

    A perfect Festival, thank you so much for everything as you did for our Film, very favourite award as the Best Documentary by our Film (No To War)...

    April 2024