Golden Earth Film Event is a quarterly online film award competition for filmmakers worldwide.
Our mission is to promote films and be another step up in the filmmakers' careers.
Each month, our Jury will award the best films through private screenings, and make a special interview with the winner of the Best Film by our partner magazine.

Free Trophy, Certificate and a custom gift by Award organizer to each winner of the following awards.
Best Short Film
Best Student Film
Best LGBT Film
Best Music Video
Best Web Series
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Director
Best Director’s Debut
Best Director of Photography
Best Editor
Best Screenplay
Best Animation Film

Entries must be in English or - Subtitled, dubbed in English.
· Every submission has to pick one main category.
· Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.
· All entries should be sent via FilmFreeway. Please don't send discs or any downloadable files to us.
· Works in progress are accepted. (must have a deadline)
· Absolutely no fee waivers.
· Entries will not be returned.
· Entry fees are non-refundable

Overall Rating
  • ficamos muito felizes com a seleção é festival é lindo

    March 2021
  • Mimi Garrard

    Thank you! Delighted to be part of the festival.

    Mimi Garrard

    March 2021
  • Golam Mustofa

    Excellent festival and highly recommended! The communication with the festival was super-fast and impeccable. Thanks to the honorable judges for awarding our film “A Father’s Diary” as the “Best Feature Film”. Wishing all the best to the festival and all the talented filmmakers…

    October 2021
  • Selina Dimitrova

    One of the best film festivals :)

    October 2021
  • This has been a spectacular adventure!! I am highly honored to have been selected to participate in this festival. Super honored to have achieved a nod as a nominee and later super duper honored to have won an award. All praise be to GEFA for the enlightenment!! Writer, Producer, Director - Sheldon Woodson

    October 2021