Golden Dust Film Festival is created for those projects that evoke the western aesthetic and their genre. We are very proud to finally make this festival because we believe its importance, from the classic westerns and their influence on modern cinematography. We are located in a desert so for us is a natural environment for making this festival an amazing and appropriate event.

1st Place - Digital certificate.

2nd Place - Digital certificate.

3rd Place - Digital certificate.

Submissions Open

* Must be innovative and original from 2019 to current year.
* Fees must be paid, no refunds.
* All entries will be prescreened for eligibility by selection committee, not all entries will be programed.
* Must be subtitled in English or Spanish.
* Must include a synopsis and trailer (If available).
Submission FAQs

* Projects can be sent in MOV or MP4, YouTube or Vimeo link.
* Submitters will be notified until final deadline.

*By submitting, the filmmaker agrees to let the festival use excerpts from their screeners for use in festival trailers, publicity and promotions.