Welcome to the 3rd edition of Global University Film Awards 2022!

Being envisioned as the “University Oscars”, GUFA is well recognised as the most celebrated international student event ever undertaken in Hong Kong. Our last GUFA in 2020 have received 2,503 submissions from 104 countries and regions globally. Both the Award Presentation Ceremony and screenings were held locally and internationally through online streaming. Submissions were received from over 1,000 tertiary educational institutions around the world, including Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mainland China, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, the UK and the US.

Building on its previous success, the 3rd edition of GUFA will open entries to young filmmakers around the world by accepting original language short films with English subtitles in various genres. We have also added a brand-new category of “Cine vfx” in order to encourage innovative works that incorporate creative usage of film technology. This extension signifies a key milestone for GUFA as an important cultural gateway and collaborative power bank amongst student talents, academics and industry on a wider geographical scope.

Besides short film competition and multiple screenings during the event, the forthcoming GUFA will also include a star stunned Award Presentation Night, master classes by renowned film makers and a pitching session with small prizes. Semi-finalists will be invited to participate in our virtual broadcasting of the event.


GUFA strives to encourage and recognise emerging filmmakers while at school or recently graduated; foster creative and cultural exchange among film students around the globe; and inspire synergy between regional young talents and the international creative industry.

GUFA is an opportunity and open platform for university students/fresh graduates to showcase talent, exchange ideas and foster networking.

HKBU Academy of Film's Choice ((USD1,0000 and Trophy)

Gold Award (USD10,000 and Trophy)
Best Director (USD10,000 and Trophy)
Best Script (USD10,000 and Trophy)

Best Narrative Short (USD10,000 and Trophy)
Special Mention of Narrative Short (Trophy only)

Best Documentary (USD10,000 and Trophy)
Special Mention of Documentary (Trophy only)

Best Animation (USD10,000 and Trophy)
Special Mention of Animation (Trophy only)

Best Experimental (USD10,000 and Trophy)
Special Mention of Experimental (Trophy only)

Best CINE-VFX (USD10,000 and Trophy)
Special Mention of CINE-VFX (Trophy only)

- Global University Film Awards (GUFA) is open to college/university current students and 2019-20/2020-21/2021-2022 graduates for works completed after 1st Sept, 2019 and prior to 31st May, 2022 while at college/university

- All titles must be under 30mins including credits

- All non-English films require English subtitling; Chinese language films require both English and Chinese subtitling

- Each student/graduate may submit only one piece of work under each category.

- Titles that have previously submitted to the GUFA will not be accepted

- Entries must be endorsed by university/college with student number, name and address of university/college, name and email of advisor

- All entries must be original and clear of all rights related to intellectual properties.

- It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to clear all content of the film from any and all actual or potential legal claims and issues, including but not limited to claims based upon using music, audio-visual material, stock footage, and any other elements contained and/or used in the film. GUFA will not be held responsible for any legal issues that might arise from the inclusion of uncleared materials in the film.

- GUFA accepts only on-line digital submission.

- Officially selection will be notified by email upon which a copy of the student card will be required to qualify entrant for the final round of competition. Semi-finalists are required to make works downloadable on the platform.

- Shortlisted titles will be exhibited for up to 6 screenings during the 3 days of event.

- GUFA will use not more than 6mins of the title for promotional purpose from 6 months before the event to one year after the award ceremony.

- GUFA has final decision on promotional arrangement

- GUFA shall be exhibiting a selection of winning and/or shortlisted titles on its website, social media platforms and local theatres for a period of 2 years after the event. Shortlisted entrants not interested in this exhibition opportunity are required to opt out in advance upon replying to the official selection notification email and invitation of filmmaker to the event.

- The Award shall have the perpetual right to keep one copy of each entry for educational, archival and research purposes unless entrants write in objection to the practice

- All decisions made by GUFA are final.

- Submission to GUFA implies that entrants agree to the above rules and terms of the Award.

Overall Rating
  • 陈 彦锴

    A very professional film festival!!!Thanks for recognition!

    November 2022
  • belal taheri

    That was a great pleasure to be part of your amazing event. Hope to see you in your next edition.
    It worth to submit your student films and compare with other filmmakers from all over the world

    November 2022
  • It was really cool to have participated and been among the finalists for Best Experimental Film with my short "eth_OS", it will be part of my story.

    November 2022
  • Texto original
    This is an incredible festival, I am really glad I was part of the last edition. I hope you keep doing this event. Congratulations...

    December 2020
  • GUFA is an amazing opportunity for all student filmmakers. It gives you a chance to make a network with the professionals from the film industry. Also the festival team was so friendly! It was an honor to be a part of the festival! Thanks for all!

    December 2020