About Festival

Films should always strive to ignite and open up social conversation, “Global Taj international Film festival” Agra, is a unique initiative towards connecting the filmmakers under one umbrella and it will also gives enough space to the filmmakers to understand the world class different cinema. The international Film Festival means fantastic and fresh unseen stories, innovations that broke stereotypes, dark pattern in the cinema, that more and more filmmaker’s are experimenting with form and content have made their craft a little more accessible.

Global Taj International film festival (GTIFF 2019) is a platform for filmmaker’s to showcase their sensible cinema in front of the film loving audience at the same time the audience to have an chance to watch many wonderful bunch of meaningful films around the world. As the festival seeks to provide exposure to quality films from around the world and make the film aficionados aware about exploration of different themes in movies, it is imperative for the stakeholders to come up with ways to make the festival a thriving place for cinema lovers where they can get insight in to cinema.

Come for real stories, meaningful cinema, real people, glimpse of technique, understand different culture, cinema talk sessions, workshops, master classes, entertainment, find new stories, new locations, cinematic fiesta, media interactions, networking, red carpet walk, appreciation & awards.

Appreciation, Recognition, Prize & Awards

Feature Film Category International
• Best Story Award
• Best Director Award
• Best Debut Director Award
• Best DOP Award
• Best Background Score Awards
• Best Editor Award
• Best Actor Male
• Best Actress Female

Feature Film Category India
• Best Story Award
• Best Director Award
• Best Debut Director Award
• Best DOP Award
• Best Background Score Awards
• Best Editor Award
• Best Actor Male
• Best Actress Female

Short Film Category
• Best story India/International
• Best director Award India/International

Documentary Category
• Best Documentary Award India/ International
• Best future Thought/ Docu-Drama Award India/International

Music Video category
• Best Music/Lyrics Award India
• Best Music Video Award India/International

T&C ...

1. Date and Place
The Festival will be held in Agra, November 3rd.. to 5th. 2023
J. P. Auditorium, Khandari Campus, Agra & Jubilee Hall Auditorium, Paliwal Park University Campus, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

2. Regulations

3. The Festival Director reserves the right to exclude films which are not in conformity
with aims of the Festival,

4. Films entered in the Competition Section must fulfill the following conditions:
Films must be feature films/documentary features, Animation film, Short film, Music Video

5. Eligibility period will be determined by the Censorship visa/certificate of the country where the film has been produced/released. For not released films yet, not required any censor or equal to censor certificate.

6. In the case of co-productions, at least one of the producers/production companies must have the right to sanction the participation of the film in competition in the Festival and authority to receive award, if any, is won.

7. The decisions of the jury will be taken by a simple majority of the members present and voting. The jury can evolve its own rules for assessment of the entries. The Director of the Festival, the Nodal officer for GTIFF and the Chairperson/Patron of the jury can attend the deliberations of the jury but shall neither participate nor vote.

8. No person in any way connected with the production or commercial exploitation of a competitive entry will be a member of the jury.

9. Films should be in 35mm/70mm/16 mm and Digital format, now also accepted in DVD/BluRay format or
also online screener for selection purpose.

10. DVD’s or Online Preview link for Selection
DVD’s or online preview links of films may also be sent for purposes of selection (selection committee of GTIFF Agra ) only so as to reach the Festival Director not later than 31st. October , 2019. DVD’s may also be sent through diplomatic channels. Or send online preview link with secure password.
The Festival Director will not be responsible for any film DCP’s/BluRay’s etc. that are diverted to other cities in India.

11. After closing of the Festival, the DCP’s/BluRay’s will be returned (return expenses borne by the applicant) through air-freight or diplomatic channels, to the entrants or to their duly authorized representative mentioned in the Entry Form.
Transportation and insurance costs of DVDs/BLURAYs/DCP’s related documents, photographs and publicity materials from the country of origin to the Festival Office shall be borne by the applicant.

12. Insurance
The Insurance of DCP’s/BluRay’s in transit from the country of origin to the Festival Director and from the Festival Director to the country of origin will be the responsibility of the entrant. The Festival Director will insure the DCP’s/BluRay’s against damage, partial and total, by fire, theft or any other unnatural causes from the moment it takes delivery of the prints to the moment it hands them back to the concerned airline/agency for dispatch, in conformity with Addendum 1 of the FIAPF Regulations for International Film Festivals. The insurance value will be the DCP’s/BluRay’s cost as specified in the Entry Form, supported by documents from the concerned laboratory. Damage to the DCP’s/BluRay’s, if any, should be certified by an independent agency, at the cost of the sender.

13. The Festival Director will not bear freight or any other charges for unsolicited films, Videos, DVD sent to it, if these are not selected for screening in the Festival.

12. Subtitling
Films will normally be screened in their original language/version. Films in language other than English must have subtitles in English. Films that arrive without subtitles, or with subtitles other than in English, where such subtitles are required, shall not be screened in the Festival. All films should be without any watermark and advertisement.
6. All films should be without any watermark and advertisement for final screening.

7. Screening will not be allowed before one month of the festival, and all submitter/s will inform to festival organizers for any screening in India and in any country for the same.

8. A complete screening schedule of selected films shall be put up on the festival website, Facebook Page, FilmFreeway, townscript, by mail around November 3,2019.

9. Transportation and insurance costs of Pandrive, Hard drive, DVDs/BLURAYs/DCP’s, related documents, photographs and publicity materials from the country of origin to the Festival Office shall be borne by the applicant.

10. GTIFF Agra 2023 would be allowed to use all photographs and publicity materials received along with the Entry and the same will not be returned to the entrants.

17. Prize and certificate will be awarded to the director (s) or producer(s) of the film.
For any duties, fees and charges accrued from the transporting of the trophy, will be covered by the recipient, not the Festival organizers.
18. All shortlisted entries will receive a certificate. (Cost of certificate production and courier charges will cover the submitter or Director or producer, if you are coming in GTIFF, Agra please collect, your participation certificate in special program for certificate distribution during the festival, there will be no charges.)
19. Anybody can submit one or more than one entry. There is no limit for submission.
20. Films once selected and submitted for the final screening will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances, until the Festival is over.

* all rights reserved with the organizers (T&C apply)

Overall Rating
  • Siddu Poornachandra

    It was really great to be a part of this Festival thanks Globals Taj International Film Festival

    November 2023
  • Shahadat Sagor

    It was nice experience to attended this festival ....

    November 2023
  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" as an award winner for "Best Idea Film" at your festival! The communication was clear and concise and I had a very good experience overall.

    November 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Harry ...your welcome

  • Tamem AL Nouwairy

    Enjoyed The Festival , Good Luck With Next Editions

    December 2022
  • Ravindran N

    Thank you so much for recognising the film. It's an honor my film was appreciated at the film festival.

    The team was very cooperative and welcoming. They provided all the details of the film festival on prior dates and was updating the same.

    Thank you team.

    All the best for your future endeavours.

    December 2022