The Global Scientific Film Festival was born in 2017 and aims to provide the first Swiss showcase for international scientific films in all disciplines.
The GSFF is organised by the Science Film Academy and is supported by 10 Swiss universities and research centres.
The festival brings together professional filmmakers and scientists-as-filmmakers in a celebration of the art and science, to interpret the world around us.
The film festival is held in Bern and Zurich (Switzerland) and run in November every year. The GSFF is also a platform for numerous marathons and workshops, throughout the year.
The festival screens short and full feature films (fiction, documentary, animation, musical…etc.)

The Global Science Film Festival winning films of each category will be awarded with a “Walking Ibex”.
The “Walking Ibex” imitates Alberto Giacometti's style in the iconic sculpture “Walking Man; L'Homme qui marche I”.

Only films produced in 2023 and 2024

Overall Rating