The Global Migration Film Festival showcases perception-changing films that capture the challenges and promise of migration for those who leave their homes in search of a better life and the unique contributions migrants make to their new communities.

Cinema and Migration, It's a magical bond that began over a century ago when filmmakers, many of whom where immigrants themselves, began making movies about a world on the move. Their films brought the dramatic, poignant and comic stories of migrants do diverse audiences, through a language of images and emotions that were meaningful to every culture.

The Global Migration Film Festival was launched by the UN Migration Agency (IOM) in this spirit.

Last year, the film festival took place in 89 countries. This year we anticipate over 100!
From 30 June to 17 September, we invite professional and emerging filmmakers to submit films for the 2017 Festival.

Selected films will integrate the Global Migration Film Festival menu, which will be made available to over 100 countries organizing the Festival locally. Each country will select from that list which film(s) they will screen in their region. Filmmakers will receive a list with the countries and venues of where their film will be screened by November.

This year’s festival will take place from 5 – 18 December 2017 in countries and venues to be announced later this year. All screenings will be free of charge.

Awards & Prizes

/ Professional filmmakers worldwide – to be part of the official selection of the Global Migration Film Festival

/ Emerging filmmakers from 92 select countries - three awards of $1,500.

/ I am a migrant short films - awards of 100$ to 20 selected films

Rules & Terms

*Deadline for entry*
Films of all genres (feature, documentary, animation) and lengths will be accepted from 3 July to 17 September.

*Festival theme*
Films should portray the challenges and promise of migration and contributions migrants make to their new communities. Films that challenge negative perceptions of migrants, defy stereotypes and feature positive and welcoming actions by and toward migrants are encouraged.

• Films should be in English or with English subtitles, to encourage stories to be shared globally. Sub-titles are encouraged, even if the characters speak English, to ensure maximum comprehension for global audiences.
• Films in other languages are encouraged, but must have sub-titles in English.

• Films should be at least 25 minutes in length for consideration. ('i am a migrant' category accepts films from 1 to 3 min)

*Production year*
• Films should preferably be completed in or after 2013, or over the past five years.

• Films may only be submitted by individuals with the legal right to negotiate the use of the work.

*Film selections*
• The festival will inform applicants if their film has been selected by mid-October.
• For each selected film, the submitter or the filmmaker should be prepared to provide stills from the film, a trailer and a bio and photo of the film’s director.

*There is no fee to submit films*

*Films produced with any financial support from IOM are eligible for the competition, but not eligible for grants*

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    Marcos Estrada

    Amazing!! Excellent and fast communication, it was a pleasure to share my work at the Global Migration Film Festival!

    January 2018