The Global Health Film Festival believes that film has the power to communicate stories, to stir emotions, to inspire, to encourage action and to redress inequities in health. The primary objective of the Festival is to use film, animation and immersive media as a catalyst for discussion and change on global health issues.

This year's Global Health Film Festival takes place on 07-09 December 2018 in Central London. The two-day festival will combine a mix of feature films, premieres, short films, keynote presentations, workshops and virtual reality installations with several sessions in parallel in order for delegates to tailor their experience.

We invite film submissions of short (25 minutes or less) and feature (over 25 minutes) length on any global health topic. Global health topics may include LGBT rights, maternal and neonatal health, healthy ageing, mental health, refugee health, climate change, emerging infections, communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases.

Planetary Health Film Prize
Films that highlight planetary health - an emerging interdisciplinary field that focuses on the human health impacts of humanity’s vast and accelerating transformation of Earth’s natural systems.

Subject areas could include the health impacts of:
Degradation of natural systems
Climate change and biodiversity loss
Air, water and soil pollution
Population growth and urbanisation
Food security and malnutrition
Spread of vector-borne and zoonotic disease

The £10,000 Planetary Health Film Prize will be awarded to the film that sets out the most compelling case and call to action

The £10,000 Planetary Health Film Prize will be awarded to the film that sets out the most compelling case and call to action, which could be an advocacy, education or other impact initiative. It should be carefully budgeted with achievable, measurable milestones.

The prize could be used to fund a discrete element within an existing advocacy or education initiative, or impact campaign – or to further develop an existing plan

Films that fall within the scope of the prize will be shortlisted from submissions and the prize will be announced at the Global Health Film Festival on Saturday 08 December.

Scoring criteria
Shortlisted films will be judged by a panel of planetary health experts and film-makers; criteria will include:

Scientific credibility
Strength of planetary health messages
Creativity and innovation of call to action
A carefully considered budget
Evidence that this £10,000 prize will make a tangible and meaningful difference

Overall Rating
  • Christy Westad

    I was unable to travel to London to attend the festival in person, but the festival organizers went out of their way to accommodate me and arranged for me to participate in the post-screening Q&A via Skype. I found the panel really informative, there were great speakers, and the other film that screened with ours was terrific. Overall, even though I wasn't there and can't comment on the rest of the festival, my filmmaker experience with the festival was fantastic!

    January 2018
    Response from festival:

    Many thanks Christy!

    We loved having Parched in last year's programme and you were amazing to join us by Skype at early dawn local time!

    We very much hope you will submit more material this year - very best wishes as always - Gerri