The Glen Rose Neo·Relix Festival enters it's fifth year as a unique Texas fest. We host a variety of art and storytelling along the theme of Neo (new) and "Relix" (relics / old) and the passage of time however the most important factor is that each entry is entertaining, thought-provoking, inspiring, educational, enjoyable or just flat out fun, based on your passion to tell us your story.

Awards & Prizes

The GRNRFF awards several RELLIES awards each year. The Rellie is unlike any art festival award anywhere. Made from Texas stone, each Rellie is pound-for-pound the heaviest award in Texas.

Rules & Terms

Films must be submitted through, accessible through our website - all length films are considered, just so long as they are the best you've got. Selected films will be notified by September 11, and final versions of films - if not already submitted - must be received by October 3.

Submitting your film you agree that we may select it for screening and awards consideration at the 2015 GRNRFF (October 9-11) and clips from any film selected may be sampled to help promote the festival.